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  1. Clara's Dream

    Our final route, Route 6 will be posted shortly. (Due to questions via the facebook page)
  2. Clara's Dream

    We are looking for sponsors to surprisingly "sponsor" for 2 of our break time activities. The last 2 prizes amount to £20 (2-£10 gifts) Anyone who is willing to donate/ sponsor these last two events please message me on Facebook. Steam: or the official Facebook page:
  3. Clara's Dream

    I forgot to mention. If you wish to book a slot please visit the Facebook page @ClarasDream2018 ( and click the "Book Now" button. Please make sure that you fill out all the information as you see it asks for. (E.g The steam link not steam name)
  4. Clara's Dream

    The main arena is full. If a VTC still wishes to attend you must still go through the normal booking system, but instead of you being in the main arena you will be put somewhere else in London. You will be offered a selection of places around London for you to choose from. (These spaces will be based on how many trucks you have turning up to the event)
  5. Clara's Dream

    !UPDATE! TRUCKFEST IS NOW FULL. YOU CANNOT BOOK A SLOT FOR THE MAIN ARENA. (however, if you still wish to book a slot we will be able to fit you somewhere else in London) Truckfest image will be updated soon
  6. 24S 2018 - Brought To You By Snowball Media

    Will be sure to attend, did last year, will this year. See you there.
  7. Clara's Dream

    Thank you Sir. Will look forward to seeing you
  8. Clara's Dream

    Clara's Dream This is EHHVTC's first event of this size, we have been planning hard for the last few months with other VTC's such as MJS, TSR, KGT, LKWTr and Sharp VTC to bring you the best event possible. A dedicated staff and CC team to lead us throughout the event. See below for information about the event, a short story about the event is also included so please give it a read. Date: February 24th 2018 Server: Clara's Dream Event Start Location: London NBFC Event Duration: 12Hours Truckfest, Convoy Meet up time: 13:00 UTC Event Start Time: 14:00 UTC Schedule: Truckfest: 14:00-14:45 Route 1: 15:00-16:30 Route 2: 16:50-18:20 Route 3: 18:40-20:10 Convoy Break: 20:10-21:10 (Break Activities, Drag races, *Parking challenges Coming Soon*) Parking Challenge One Parking Challenge 2 Route 4: 21:10-22:40 (No Fuel Stop, Fuel by choice, 1075miles, 2784km) Route 5: 23:00-00:30 Route 6: 00:50-02:20 EVENT LINKS: Truckfest Layout: (Bookable slots, Prizes up for grabs. VTC's and Public) VTC Parking: Public Parking: Rules: Use of the "Clara's Dream" server, should be only if you are with the Clara's Dream Event. If caught on the server away from the event you will be kicked, unless specified if they are trying to catch up or are lost from the group. All Players Are To Be In Trucks, With The Exception Of Event Staff Or TMP Moderators. Anyone else will be kicked if they use cars. Event Staff Can Use Police Cars And Skoda Cars. Event Staff Can Block Roads At Junctions To Keep Drivers On The Right Route. All Other Players Can NOT Block. Event Staff and Media Can Overtake The Convoy In The Wrong Direction Lane. All Other Players Can NOT Pass. Passing Will Result In Being Kicked. During the event no one is to be banned unless they fit under these circumstances. (Continuous reckless/ Careless driving, Deliberate ramming/ blocking after having a 2 stage warning. Excessive save editing, Insulting of staff or players after a 2 stage warning.) Overtaking. Overtaking is ONLY allowed if the person in front is lagging badly or if they are passing a crash. During the Truckfest, VTC's can have a maximum of 2 Trailers in the slots they have booked. Public are allowed to have trailers in the public parking ONLY and must not drive around aimlessly during the truckfest. All Other TMP Rules Apply As Usual. I am inviting you as the community and group to an event that means a lot to my heart. It is called Clara's dream. What is the event? This is where we as a community come together in a time of sadness. An event to celebrate the life and death of someone so young and so small but meant so much to those around her. Who is Clara? Clara was my daughter to be. She sadly passed away before she was even born due to complications during the pregnancy. After many months me and my partner had finally thought we had done it, we had almost everything we wanted in our relationship. This event is to raise awareness about child bereavement, unfortunately It isn't as uncommon as people way thing think. In the UK alone figures show at least 1 in 5 women experience complications in child birth or during the pregnancy. Family is the most important thing in our lives, they support you in day to day life no matter what it is, and they care and love you for who you are. Take this knowledge and think about the ones you love and the ones who love you. How can I show my support? You can show your support to the people around you, the people who care for you and love you for who you are. If you feel as if you want to help more people you can do so by donating to any charity. Charities need your support just as much as families support you. Even small donations can help many, if you feel like donating to a charity please do so, it does not matter which charity it is, they need your support. How long will the event be? We have planned to make the event stretch throughout an afternoon. Why only an afternoon and not a 24hour event? So we can give you the rest of the evening to spend with your families, the people you care about whoever they maybe, wherever they maybe.