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  1. I would like to thank everyone who attended "Clara's Dream 2020" yesterday. It was a true success. 
    We've raised £995.24 so far.

    Running 3 teams at once was stressful at times, but everyone worked together and they all pulled it off. 
    Thank you to,
    Event Managers:  
    @RADIOJAY #TeamEHH @EHHVTC - Ollie @EHHVTC Examiner l Tidders @EHHVTC DM I danbrown2002

    @Krewlex @Courtz49 @Shay_MacLennan | Ess & The Dublin Gamer

    Event Supervisors: 
    @IethaI @Savage.

    Event Department: (CC/ Vehicles Team)
    @Andreas A.H @Bolts @Chillpadde @issam0707 @Nathan7471 @smackywacky_ @Supreme_TMP @VeLociTy XTRoLl
    @Warhammer9x @Fezz98 @Vexus. @BigDave1985 @Gullbrann @Voltera @Jeronimeau @Luca The Digger Driver
    | Jamie, david, Flaming, Elvis. 

    Media Department: 
    @creepergamingboy @RookieCookie @TheWilliamTW @G4M3P1X3L @sanamaria @TnT404 | Handcuff 

    GM Support: 
    @3ventic @Whitelodge @Aek177 @Fezz98 @IethaI 

    If I have missed anyone, please comment below and i will add you. 

    Here are a few photo's submitted in the Clara's Dream Discord.

    Staff Photo:

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    2. Nathan7471


      I really enjoyed the event, driving and event Department and really hope it comes back for 2021. 

    3. Fezz98


      An outstanding event & event team, I would love the ability to participate next year! ❤️

    4. Bolts


      Great event, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for organising it.

  2. Congratulations Gamer5 ❤️ 

  3. Congratulations! 

  4. Very nice, didn't think this would ever become a thing. Glad to see TMP is supporting VTC's in public view.
  5. Clara's Dream 2019 Time Trials 
    !!Huge Prizes!! (£68+ to win)

    Fastest Time out of both routes - £20 + 1 DLC.
    (This includes the reward from your group)
    Fastest Time of your group - Baltic/Map DLC + 1 DLC
    2nd Place - £10 + 1 DLC (x2, 1 for each group)
    3rd Place - £4 + 1 DLC (x2, 1 for each group)

    (If you already own Baltic/Map, you'll be given a £20 gift card) (x2, 1 for each group)
    Amounts in money are rewarded in steam gift cards
    + 1 DLC excludes all Map DLC's


  6. ITN's website is still under development as of right now. It will be released as soon as possible. We're just getting rid of the bugs we have found. It shouldn't take too long. The sheet will also be released on completion, we're just finishing the code for the sheets as it works out timings etc. Just to make it easier for the planners.
  7. Over the next few day's I'll be adding more detail into the two different types of events. ● Charity/ Fundraising ● Non-charitable events. (E.G. Large VTC events, Anniversary Convoys, Festive Convoy's) I'd also like to introduce you to a project called CEN. Community Events Network. CEN is under the wing of ITN, International Truckers Network. I'll tell you what we do, how it benefits events and how it could benefit you as event organisers.
  8. When planning community events, it's essential to have a good solid plan of what you want to do. Your initial ideas will be the base of the event. For example, ● VTC Anniversary events are VTC orientated, the event is about your VTC. ● Charity based events, well, it's all about the charity and the cause. Do you have a story to tell? How to begin: If it's your first time planning an event, it will come to you in one of two ways. 1. You'll find it easy. 2. You'll really struggle to get the ideas on paper If you find it easy, go all out, make it the best event you can. However, don't get carried away. You should always, always, plan in segments. Planning the event in segments means you can step back, look at what you've planned, asses it, improve or completely re-plan it. It's easy to get carried away. You come up with all these amazing ideas, but, is it practical? Can you actually do it? If you have never been in a convoy, or event, i strongly suggest you attend one of the many community, or VTC events. It will give you a very rough, but good idea how most run events. You can then base yours off what you see,but, please, please, please, Never copy someone else's hard work. Don't copy their event, make it your event. However, asking for help/tips from that person/ VTC.... That's the right way. Google Sheets: Google sheets are a event planners best friend. They're relatively easy to work with, even with minimal experience. These sheets will be where you plan your event. Create a "MasterPlan", this is where you can put the overall, basic view of the event. This is a template made by a collection of successful event founders. (This sheet will be available for "download" in the ITN's, Community Event Network) A clean, functional sheet is what you need. Keep the colours to the "pastel" side. You don't want bright colours all over your sheet. Making a sheet clear and easy to understand will benefit, not only you, but Convoy Control (CC) and Event Volunteers. Depending on the size of the event, will dictate if you need Convoy Control or not. If you're expecting high numbers, it's best to use CC. Truckfest's and Convoys: Truckfests..... :Oof:, some really enjoy them, some... well, some really don't. However, truckfests allow amazing organisation opportunities. The best place to have the Truckfest is at the start of the event. Having multiple VTC's/ Clans in one area all booked into individual slots... well, that's just spot on. By having this you can call individual VTC's/ Clans or slot numbers to leave one by one. This means you can have a nice, clean steady flow of organised trucks. If you plan to do a truckfest, make sure you give the community plenty of time to book slots. Look to make booking available for the truckferst ~6 months before. This will give you and those wanting to attend your event plenty of time to book. Another good use of google applications... google forms. You can use this to make the booking form. For example, (Screenshot taken from my event, "Clara's Dream's" booking form) Convoys/ Routes Decide how long you want the event to be. Depending on how long the event is, will depend on how many routes you can do. Route Formula: ● < or 6 Hours ~ 2-3 Routes ● < or 24 Hours ~ 6-10 Routes ● > 24 Hours - In a 24 Hour time period you can do 10 convoys. (Add 1 route every two hours over 24 hours) An average weekly VTC convoy is about 885km (550Miles) This can take up to 1 hour for 885km's. For an event, you want the route to last two hours. So double it. 1 Event Route = 885 x2 = 1770km's 885km ~ 1 Hour. So if one route takes 1 Hour and you doubled the length, it will take you two hours. In addition to the two hours, you should add 20 minuets to the route. This is backup/ Panic/ Late time. Games, Challenges, Races! For this, I suggest you look at the section below. To get games, challenges and race temporary rules approved, you will need the event server. This is to keep your event, and other non-attending community members getting into any hassle. Games can massively increase the popularity in your event. Coming up with games allow people to try something they probably wouldn't do on a normal server. It gives them a chance to show of their parking skills or racing talent. If you plan to add these, i would suggest cutting out 1-2 routes and replace them with the games. Trust me, i learnt the hard way. I did CD18's games during the break.... that was a bad idea. The event staff and myself got no time to relax. (For temporary rules, please go to the end of the post) Do I need the Event Server? The event server requirements will dictate whether you need it or not. If you expect a large turn out, check the Event Server Requirements. (Can be found at the end) Event Advertisement: Once you've got a solid sturdy plan, It's time to advertise. Don't spam it, just advertise. Make a TMP Forum post. This is a very good place to advertise as many visit the forums every single day. You can do this by creating artwork/banners, videos/ Event Trailers. Radio Adverts, this community has a wide selection of radio stations. Take your pick to see what they can offer you. Thank you for your time, Hopefully this will inspire, and help many of you when it comes to planning events. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. I'll try my best to get back to you asap. (Useful links)
  9. Thank you for follow me :love:

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