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  1. Hello @B&Č Transport atjov001 After reading your comment I feel the need to address my view on some of the things you have said. I understand how with certain aspects of these rules changes you disagree with them, however, with some additional context I'm sure it can be explained/ cleared up. The part where you said, "Abolition of report reason "ban evading" - As a TMP player since 2017 I see this as a mistake" - Why do you think this? Because Ban Evading reports are no longer accepted they're now going to get away with ban evading? No, not really. As stated in the latest blog post/ forum post from Marco, "Out of 6496 Ban Evading reports we processed, barely 30% of them was classed as a valid web report". That's only 1949 reports out of the 6496 being placed that were even valid/ which led to a ban. Now, as said it takes time to process something such as this. Imagine the hours that could've been better spent on more valid reports instead of wasting time on reports that either don't contain correct evidence types to warrant a ban evading check or those that don't result in a ban. Those that really do pose an issue with ban evading are caught in due time, as always, they repeat the same mistakes and end up revealing themselves. Additionally, you said, "the players had take charge of the situation and use report system in order to get them out of the game." - Well, as we can see here, it isn't really working. The numbers show this, only 30% of all reports for ban evading have resulted in action taken. As said above, the amount of time for the results out-put... it's not worth the time it seems. I am not singling out any user here, but, I as well as other Moderators are regularly asked "When will my report be dealt with admin". Well, less "useless" reports such as these ban evading ones no longer being a problem, will therefore free up more time to handle an additional 4547 in that same time frame. Would that not be preferred? Catching ban evaders will always be a problem, all online games face this issue, it's the same here for TruckersMP. The fact that a large portion of these reports are if anything, slowing down the process of catching ban evaders by said reports not being valid, surely it is making the situation worse no? As Marco has said "all BE related processes will be handled internally with the appropriate tools available for the Game Moderation Management." These are the same Game Moderation Managers that have pushed and brought attention to the issue of ban evaders and they have no chosen that the current methods are no longer fit to be able to catch ban evaders in a productive manner. A lot of time has been wasted with useless reports when it could've been spent much more productively on different areas. Now, I am not saying hunting down ban evaders is ending, it really isn't and we will continue to pursue ban evaders. They are banned for a reason, just because they create another account, it doesn't mean they can then continue as they please. You also commented, "I worry, that there were made no internal changes, that you just changed the rules to have less work with reports which is a disgrace to the community" - They are some rather strong words. I cannot share what happens within the team for obvious reasons but I can say for sure we are not giving up on catching ban evaders. We as moderators dislike those that chose not to follow the rules just as much as you do. We are in now way just changing rules to reduce workload. They have been changed to allow us to more effectively catch those that break rules by removing an aspect that is no longer effective at catching those ban evading. You also commented, "§2.9 "In accordance with our Terms of Service staff are allowed to re-use evidence sent in our reports." "Well this might be helpful to someone, but I find it very harmful since there will always be a small percentage of bans issued incorrectly and small portion of them doesn't even get corrected in the feedback system either" - There are many steps which I cannot list that have to be taken to even consider banning a user. The fact that a moderator views a report and has to serious question whether or not their driving deserves a ban should say enough. A issue I have also noticed in this statement is that, you are fine with us accepting reports of other users breaking rules, but, if it then allows us to ban you with your own evidence because you did something just as bad/ worse than the user you are reporting, it is no longer ok or acceptable and that is when it becomes an issue of a "small percentage of bans issued incorrectly". I can tell you now, if a reporter is being banned for their own evidence it is highly likely the ban is more than valid. Now, if that ban is then taken tot he Game Moderation Managers and they too agree with the ban put in place due to them being banned with their own evidence... does that not say that they as the reporter are in fact in the wrong? That is a lot of hands for this ban to pass through to get to that stage. We are not out to get users and I hope you don't think we are. We are simply enforcing rules as fairly as we can. Sometimes mistakes are made when bans are issued, but as I have stated above for them to banned with their own evidence.... it takes a lot. In addition to the above comment, "his was not just my case months ago... this further undermines the trust to report system and now they can "according to rules" use yours evidence (wrongly) agains you (even if that evident doest meet basic evidence stardards like perpetrator nickname..., as in my case)" - So, I take it you were banned with your own evidence? Now, your argument is that because we couldn't see your nickname, the ban is therefore not valid? Well no. Why? Because the rules clearly state that any evidence you submit, you admit that you are the recording user and therefore any actions in the video you are willing to accept in an "as is" basis. Just by you creating the report with that clip you are outright saying, "Yes, this is me, I am driving this truck and this is my recording of my actions". So, what is being said here is that, "As long as I don't get banned and the user I have report does it is ok, even though I may have done wrong." It is more than fair, that if you broke the rules too you should be banned. The specific rules/ ToS that cover the above are as follows, §1.4 - Reporting users - You can not report players with evidence that has not been recorded in-game by yourself. 3.1.4 Reports and evidence provided in reports - When you submit a report on the website, you agree to give TruckersMP and its staff a limited license to use provided evidence and re-upload it for safekeeping and use as evidence related to punishments issued. Kind Regards, EHHVTC Founder | Gamer5, TruckersMP Game Moderator
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