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  1. Well. That was an interesting Operation HQ Event trip ?
  2. Suddenly stopped working this afternoon it was fine earlier seems to be no way of getting to
  3. All sorted thanks to @Mirauu. for guiding me to the DLC pack
  4. Thank you. I shall take a look.
  5. I am on about an LED style beacon bar rather than the default one. Loads of trucks have them installed, but I don't know how it's done
  6. Hi. I have seen lots of trucks in Truckers MP with flashing LED Orange beacon bars/lights such as the one below. How is this done?
  7. Server connection keeps dropping since an update this afternoon
  8. Horn doesn't work, no rain sounds in the cab, engine switch on sounds randomly appearing
  9. The MOD is broken don't try and travel to the service station you won't be able to drive again unless you Ctrl, Alt and Delete out and reload
  10. The disabling of random events is most welcome especially on single lane roads where fellow truckers with it enabled could sometime be close to the opposite lane ?
  11. Mariio has done a good job today my reports are now getting down I have 14 available to make but just 1 available for now whilst my other 13 wait to be checked
  12. @Nameless Ghoul That's good to hear I only hope this new system avoids a huge backlog in the months ahead
  13. Well the update is here and I'm now unable to make reports due to the fact it takes over 3 weeks for them to get checked I won't be going in game on the MP for a while no point why get rammed and then not be able to make a report for a week or 2 pointless
  14. So with 20 reports still waiting to be dealt with by admins does this mean I wouldn't be able to make any more until they are cleared down to the limit? Is this 10 limit daily, weekly or all the time? given the time it takes for admins to get through the reports 10 will be way too low If it's all the time If the limit of 10 refreshed weekly that would be better
  15. I've still got 20 reports awaiting admins to deal with going back to late July if it's going to take Admins over 3 weeks to deal with online reports (which it has done over the past few months) the limit of 10 is going to be quickly used I have used the new in game reporting system probably 20 to 30 times and I have only had one report dealt with so otherwise, I have to use to website
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