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  1. Kinda late but thanks for your work for TMP. Wish you all but the best :)

  2. Happy Birthday! :)

  3. The beauty of simulation!





  4. Thanks for all your work and good luck for the future :wub: We will miss you :( Hope you return again some day 

    1. Michael Jacks

      Michael Jacks

      Thank you for your kind message :wub:

  5. Thank you for work on TMP and I hope you back some day :(

  6. I hope they come back one day.:blush:

    1. Michael Jacks

      Michael Jacks

      For now I am happy just being a driver :) 

    2. Mo1993



      Still, you're missing from the team.:blush:

  7. I'll miss you,  I blew you up a couple of times on the road. :D  :(

    1. Michael Jacks

      Michael Jacks

      Will still see you on the road :D

  8. Happy birthday, King! 



    1. NightSword^


      Oh so cute :love:

      Thank you buddy :wub:

  9. Afternoon, Truckers! Hope everyone is having a great day! Currently, snow everywhere. :rolleyes:

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Good Evening Michael ^_^ Well, there is no snow in Tbilisi and I guess I won't see snow again this year :c 

    2. Michael Jacks

      Michael Jacks

      @[TAL Founder] BlackSkill, Currently snowing at this minute :love:

  10. Happy Birthday @[VIVA] LaxZ and @grundii, have a great day! :wub:

    1. Grundii


      Awww, thank you :wub:

  11. Michael Jacks

    Custom skins on multiplayer

    Hello @Kunfong, Some of the truck paint jobs you see on multiplayer may also be from the World of Trucks events. During these events, you do certain jobs to earn rewards and those rewards may include a paint job. Hope this gives you an answer. Kind Regards, Michael Jacks
  12. Happy Birthday :D

    1. WarMaz


      Thank you!

  13. @BlackEagleTMP & @Rev. congratulations and good luck :wub: @Positivetrucking168 Wish you the best of luck in the new team :P