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Community Answers

  1. A nice drive on the ProMods : Basel ---> Chemnitz



  2. joyeux anniversaire! ❤🎊🎊

  3. I hope comeback soon! :wub:

  4. [F-T M] FreZyFaiL Thanks for understand my situation :) :)


  5. C'est pas que je te cherche @Salino puisque tu es là Disons que le monde attire ...
  6. Please, you can analyze my appeal


    1. GGF MD

      GGF MD

      Hey there!

      I'm sorry to hear that you have been banned from our servers. Unfortunately I have to tell you that our forum is not the proper place to discuss about bans, kicks or any other punishments that have been applied on our network. You should also not create topics or status updates about your pending appeals as such a content won't speed up the whole process.


      Please wait for a reply to your ban appeal patiently on our website. FreZy will give you a detailed explanation of the reason why you have been banned soon. 

      He will give you all information you need in case your ban won't get reverted. 

      Please avoid creating a new status update or a forum topic about your ban in future as such updates / topics may create conflicts within our community as not everyone has an insight of what has happened and the whole backstory of your ban.


      Kind Regards,

      TruckersMP Community Moderation



  7. Ah mais tu fais bien de le dire, mais c'est sans résultat mais peut-être ...
  8. Y avait pas tant de monde que ça auparavant ...
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