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  1. Noo not Diesel. ☹️

    Take care, hope to see you back one day!

  2. Keep safe! We go miss you!

  3. Too bad you left, we hope to see you in the future =(

  4. Sorry to see you go I hope to see you back!

  5. Sorry to see you go! Thank you for your years of service to the TMP community!

  6. Thank you for 2.5 amazing years at TruckersMP - It has been a pleasure and a privilege ❤️🚚



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ManuMarSch
    3. Farm Shark

      Farm Shark

      Take care out there. We will certainly miss you!

    4. [TCS-VTC]*009*Thorns Way
  7. Keep safe! We go miss you! 🥺

  8. Sad to see you leave, it’s truly something that sucks, hope to see your return, if not, have a great life, we will miss you 😢

  9. Sad to see you leave❤️

  10. Sad to see you leave hope to see you back soon! ❤️ 

  11. Take care buddy❤🙏

  12. Thank you for evertyhing TotalDiesel 😞 I am sad to see you leave, take care of you 



    RedWolf_TMP ❤️ 


  13. Thank you for your contribution to TMP. Good luck

  14. Take care Diesel, thank you for your hard work. Will miss you ❤️ 

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