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  1. TotalDiesel

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for literally being chocolate
  2. New Truck Released guys!


    Scania .... Actros ..? :huh:



    1. JJay


      Ahh... this mod xD It's looking horrible 

    2. Prototype



  3. *Christmas Mode Engaged*





    1. Nomine[GER]


      Is this an DLC? :O (The Interior Things)

    2. TotalDiesel


      Yes, these are from the Cabin Accessories DLC! I think some of the Christmas stuff is from the Christmas Paint Job pack DLC though too. :)

    3. Nomine[GER]


      Thank you. Just bought the Christmas Paint Job Pack :D 

  4. TotalDiesel

    VS Game

    Black Speakers vs Headphones
  5. Congrats and Good Luck :D

  6. Hey! I have taken skills from driving in ETS2 and ATS with my racing wheel and implemented them into real-life ... For example, I credit these games a lot for helping me learn to drive IRL years ago, which is crazy to think about, but at the same time - why wouldn't it help? It's a simulator!
  7. TotalDiesel

    post your CHRISTMAS setup

    You can count your fancy led keyboard as Christmas lights
  8. TotalDiesel

    Faces of TMP :)

    Me and my girlfriend.. I've also managed to get her into a bit of ETS2!
  9. Yeah it's cool.. Most that are just starting out will start with a small group of friends who simply enjoy driving together - just how it should be.
  10. Most start-ups happen among friends.. At least in my experience with VTC's. So that would give you at least a few members out of the box, but if you're alone, word of mouth in-game and out will usually get you where you need to be before you can start advertising at other places.
  11. TotalDiesel

    Ask a question without saying yes or no.

    OM NOM NOM CHICKEN. Is ETS2 your favorite game?
  12. TotalDiesel

    The monkey's paw

    Granted. All trucks have been removed from the game and have been replaced with the "Fast Truck", which is able to reach speeds of 151km/h. I wish for cars to be removed from ETS2.
  13. TotalDiesel

    The monkey's paw

    Granted. All trollers have been removed from ETS2. The fishing industry suffers greatly. I wish that the C-D road didn't have so much traffic.
  14. TotalDiesel

    CS:GO Favorite Weapon

    I haven't touched CS:GO in ages.. but back when I did, it was simply the AK-47.