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  1. Congrats to Geοrge on his promotion to game mod! 🎉


    *he uses some weird characters so didn't try and tag him*

  2. That's a lot of reputation...

  3. hi

    1. Tom_G


      oh no it's lightning

    2. AvxLightning


      yeah i mean you followed me anyways

  4. Great to have you with us! Can't wait to see you there. Thanks, I'm sure it'll go great. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, I'm sure it'll be great. Thanks, I'm sure it'll go brilliantly! Thanks, we look forward to seeing you there with your VTC!
  6. We are hosting a convoy along the coasts of Europe in aid of the RNLI. The RNLI is a service in the UK and Ireland protecting our shores, and keeping the people who use it safe. They are made up of 95% volunteers, putting their lives on hold to help others out at sea, at a moments notice. They rely fully on donations from the members of the public in order to keep going. We'll have three routes, along the coast, in aid of the RNLI. You can find out all of the information you need to know in our discord server, and down below. Starting in Aberdeen in England, we'll set off down the
  7. Did you know @Partydoosis now media team?!? That's pretty cool isn't it.

    1. Partydoos


      Yup, heard it somewhere as well! 

      Sounds like a very nice guy to me! 

  8. Some pictures I've edited in my spare time.
  9. Can't wait to attend again, brilliant past few events, and I'm sure this will still please.
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