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Mika L.

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  • Birthday 10/17/1999

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
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    🎨 Graphic Design
    📸 Photography
    🕋 Interior Design & Architecture
    🚆Public Transport (bus and trains)
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    Denmark: København
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    Danish, English

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  3. Happy Birthday to you ❤️

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  5. Hapoy birthday

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! ??

  8. Oh my lord, happy birthday, boi!



  9. @Prime, @Horizon, @Sgt_Tailor@bluesbass, remember this? :lol:




  10. To be honest, I think the "Unreliable connection"-error are overreacting a bit. I have completely fine internet connection, and have had for years now, and somehow, it began to cry about the internet during an TMP update when that error was brought into the mod.... Hate it.

  11. Happy birthday, Jeff! ^_^



  12. @Prime, as the image (or video) has to be taken on TMP, do you have to stick to the rules in order to get that particular footage? I mean for example driving outside barriers.
  13. Omg congratulations Jeff!!! :love:

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