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  1. Oh my lord, happy birthday, boi!



  2. @Prime, @Horizon, @Sgt_Tailor@bluesbass, remember this? :lol:




  3. To be honest, I think the "Unreliable connection"-error are overreacting a bit. I have completely fine internet connection, and have had for years now, and somehow, it began to cry about the internet during an TMP update when that error was brought into the mod.... Hate it.

  4. Happy birthday, Jeff! ^_^



  5. @Prime, as the image (or video) has to be taken on TMP, do you have to stick to the rules in order to get that particular footage? I mean for example driving outside barriers.
  6. Omg congratulations Jeff!!! :love:

  7. Agree. I do not slow down either, because: For instance, if it happens on the C-D road, this ain't my fault if they get rammed by oncoming traffic, as it is already adviced by TMP staff not to overtake on that particular road. If it happens on the highway, I don't see a reason to slow down, as there's not oncoming traffic and they have plenty of time to get in front of me before pulling in. But yet again, just like Jeff states, if I see a potential accident about to unfold, I will take my safety precautions. For instance, I have experienced being overtaken on a 3-lane highway, by 2 trucks at the same time. Me in the right lane, someone overtaking me in the middle lane, and someone overtaking that particular truck in the left lane, but that left truck had intentions to ram the truck overtaking me. In that case, I would slow down to avoid getting rammed by the truck overtaking me, in case he gets hit by the guy from the left lane.
  8. Happy birthday, @aluizio'^_^



  9. Congrats to Astralis for making it into the semi-finals!

    Let's take this badboy home for the 3rd time!



  10. The stars have arrived!

    4K images coming soon!






  11. Did anyone get a clip of @KhaosHammer flying during yesterday’s Real Ops? :lol:

  12. Whenever I drive on the C-D road, I wonder how that particular road started to gain popularity and how everyone ended up "transfering" from Rotterdam and Europoort to the C-D road. Like, did someone submit a video of how beautiful the road was when traveling on the road or something like that? :lol:

    1. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      My guess... Someone started putting "Idiots on the road" videos on Youtube. Many idiots watched those videos and thought "This is where I belong from now on"

  13. Happy birthday, Racyen! ^_^

    1. Racyen


      Thanky you ;) 

  14. Happy birthday! ^_^

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