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  1. :wow: Herzlichen Glückwunsch :D

  2. Knusperschnitzel

    If you become a game moderator

    I think I would start with observing busy places for a short time (Duisburg, Calais and the intersections) and after that I would work on In-Game reports.
  3. It is sad that you left the GM Team :(, but anyway good luck in your new position :D

  4. Knusperschnitzel


    Da hast du recht, auf wechselnde Jahreszeiten hätte ich auch Lust.
  5. Knusperschnitzel

    Winter mod not working

    Try to rename the folder from "mods" to "mod"
  6. Knusperschnitzel

    2018 flashback

    Awesome story that you wrote here. The TruckersMP team did an awesome job with the improvements and I am excited about that what will happen this year.
  7. Knusperschnitzel

    Does it depend on truck if you slide on road or no?

    As far as I know does it not matter wich truck you are using, it is the same with every truck.
  8. Knusperschnitzel

    What are you think about Man Tgx Euro 6

    I hope so, it would be very great because this truck is just awesome.
  9. Knusperschnitzel


    Kann dazu nichts sagen, weil ich ihn nicht installiert habe oder hatte.
  10. Knusperschnitzel

    [Forum game] Players vs staff