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  1. Happy Birthday 🎉

  2. cant belive what I'm hearing.. rest in peace.

  3. Night timee.. everything just looks much more realisticc)
  4. Defenitly the north parth of France, Belgium, and the Netherlands are busy places with a big amount of players
  5. Even though you are not supposed to do that.. as long as you can keep your truck under controll when there are no players nearby, you can feel free to try it out. Just be careful not to get banned
  6. Readyy,, and hopefully it will be a much better year than what 2021 used to be :)))
  7. Thanks for your follow! ?


  8. Hiii guyss.. What would your toughts be on SCS adding some more slavic countries to the actual map.. such as improoving and expanding Russiaa.. aswell as adding Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus as e new potential countries for a new DLC? I'm interested into hearing your oppinion on iiit! Aura.
  9. I guess it is a pretty good idea actually.. but unfortunatly not many people do stop for it :((
  10. I think that ats would be a really nice game and way to spend time with friends aswell.. in a different ambientation to european players.. It's just a shame that there are not really much players on it, just like there are on ets2
  11. it is Kenwoorth hahah.. but even the Volvo doesnt look that bad
  12. Secundary Roadsss.. especially the one on promodss are really sweet.. Highroads are mostly boring, and there isnt really that much action going on on them
  13. I think Iceland might surely come out one day.. it has really nice roads, looking at it from promods pov.. :))
  14. I drive at the speed I feel the most safe driving with.. mostly 110kmh when there are not really much players around.. but for example at certain corners, just like the ones on c-d, and especially when people are there too.. I defenitly slow down hahah(even though I could go 110 there aswell without any big problems).. but I just dont really see the reason in risking a useless ban and causing an useless crash :))
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