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  1. ok the may problem is resolved the post can closed
  2. i downloaded trucksbook yesterday to play with friends in a virtual company, and now i get a strange message. request for use of advanced SDKs detected Please note that this feature is provided as a basis with no warranties regarding performance and functionality. This game copy is not provided for use in professional or training environments as I can remove this message
  3. ok my problem resolve the post close
  4. @JamesS014 sorry in the game as soon as I enter profile management there is no way to change it from there my name profile
  5. how can i change the name of the new profile
  6. yes can close post
  7. sorry but I didn't understand how the navigator works for new or hidden roads that was added in version 1.44, in particular I didn't understand how to make them visible on the navigator, because I can't see how it works specifically it seems to me all the same as before
  8. I apologize you can close as solved I had not seen that a little further down the setting I need and adjust the axes thanks you can close
  9. hi I wanted to ask how to raise and lower the suspension behind the truck, I saw in the adjustment buttons that there suspensions, and trailer suspensions, I added a button to both, but in the game if I press those buttons the truck always remains at the same level. How can I go about adjusting the rear axles of the truck up or down?
  10. ok thanks you can close as solved
  11. @Granite I have seen on the buttons and buttons that there is a semi-trailer brake if I assign a button to it, it makes the trailer stop me while I approach it before hooking it up, so it solves the problem for me or is there anything else to do?
  12. hi I noticed a problem, when I go to hook the trailer with the truck, although I go under it slowly sometimes the trailer is pushed a little back. how can i avoid this? is there any way to hold the trailer braked before hitching it? Help
  13. yes can you close post
  14. hi I wanted to ask you if I play multiplayer what has been integrated in est2, I know that you can create a session and whoever creates it also becomes admin, that is, he can hunt or ban. the question is: as a session administrator can he use police paint cars or not?
  15. faby

    game sounds

    yes problem solved replies of @Granite
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