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  1. faby

    crash update

    problem solved with uninstallation and new installation can be closed thanks
  2. faby

    crash update

    It has always worked very well for me I think it is the last update that has bugs I'm thinking of waiting for the next one who corrects the problem
  3. faby

    crash update

    ets2 just gave me an update of around 40 megs but as soon as I enter the game it crashes automatically after a while what to do thanks ?
  4. faby

    crash update

    ets2 mi ha appena fornito un aggiornamento di circa 40 mega ma non appena entro nel gioco si blocca automaticamente dopo un po ' what to do please ??
  5. faby

    Name dlc

    yes, thanks the post can close
  6. faby

    Name dlc

    I was talking about this I leave link video and photo attached https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVDwtt7e6x0&ab_channel=NeranjanaWijesinghe
  7. faby

    Name dlc

    what is the name of the dlc that can add LEDs in the cabin or around the rear spoiler I think it was a volvo dlc or I'm wrong I don't remember help
  8. faby

    name led ets2

    hi i wanted to know how to create a luminous name on ets2 i would basically like the luminous letters on the table can you tell me some mod or method
  9. I have heard rumors about the possible release of euro truck simulator 3 is true or they will keep updating the 2
  10. no the problem is not solved because I said I have already done tests with lower graphics quality but the lag still remains
  11. Chiedo aiuto perché ultimamente come suggerisce il titolo ho notato che a volte l'euro ha cali di fps e mi da piccoli colpi di lag, inizialmente pensavo fosse colpa delle impostazioni e infatti ho tolto l'antialiasing, i pedoni , le luci secondarie, l'illuminazione del paesaggio e altri elementi ma ancora da scatti e ha piccoli cali di fps, mi sai dire come sistemare x per favore? L'altra cosa che mi fa molto strano e che fino a circa 3 settimane fa anche con tutte le regolazioni in ultra, ero fluido e perfettamente, e questo mi sembra strano non capisco xke? magari con qualche aggiornamento h
  12. faby

    change time sleep

    I know that you can disable it but I like to leave it active because I like it since it is called euro truck simulator I like to simulate reality as much as possible thanks anyway
  13. I wanted to ask for those who have active fatigue it is possible to add the possibility of sleeping less than the default time because sometimes you can't make the delivery and you arrive late
  14. ok thanks you can close it
  15. ok forse mi sono spiegato male, volevo dire rilasciato ufficialmente da SCS sai anche indicativamente una possibile data di uscita
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