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  1. faby

    trameri logistic

    yes my problem is resolution
  2. I would like to ask why the Trameri company has such a small entrance, I have always found myself slamming the trailer, it seems made for cars instead of trucks, but why don't they widen the entrance, can you help me understand? it's nearly impossible to get in there the one way and do the mega wide maneuver
  3. @Granite as suggested I posed the question on the scs forum I hope I got answers and I used the right section
  4. when you go out to the left as seen in the photo there is a shed, which does not show the vehicles, and several times they do not stop and damage me, I find it dangerous because the gate is too close to the intersection, it can be solved by removing the shed or should artificial intelligences be improved that if there is a means they must stop it, not that they continue at full throttle? thank you in the photo I put the red arrow indicating the blind spot and I indicated which vehicles are not seen https://i.postimg.cc/9QHJXQWb/Immagine.png
  5. hi I have the problem that in reverse 1 maximum 2 km / h with realistic coupling, when I hook the trailer it moves slightly backwards, but I was told that with that speed it should not happen, then I also saw the video of scs when they presented the advanced towbar system and also in the video the trailer does not move backwards, why does it happen to me? could you tell me what to do I leave you the link of the video
  6. suggestion next update hi, I would like to ask you if you can add the possibility with an update, to brake the trailer before hooking, because sometimes with the push you go back a little to make the game more real thanks
  7. I wanted to ask if I can create a survey and how to do it question 2 I wanted to ask if I can put video links of new things for more real eurotruck and take a vote to see if you can like it or not
  8. when I install a plugin I am referring to TrucksBook it is possible to make sure that not to show a warning message that I have a plugin installed it would be nice if you can remove the vision of the message
  9. Milioni88 That's a standard message saying you have a plugin installed, quite a few software products install their plugins for ETS2 / ATS, nothing to worry about. In the plugins folder (bin\win_x64\plugins sub directory of game directory), any .dll files in there will cause this message. If you don't want this message pop up again, you can check the plugins folder and see what plugins you have there, deleting those files will remove the message. @Milioni88 why truckbook is seen as a plug-in, it is possible to prevent the game from seeing it as a plug-in
  10. Please note that functionality is provided "as is" without warranty of performance and functionality. This copy of the game has not been licensed for use in professional driving simulation environments, for driver training or for public use in cyber cafes. Then you have to press an OK button, then ETS 2 starts launchpad again. I got this message I bought the game on instant gaming a long time ago and added it to Steam, can anyone advise me or know what it is and how to get rid of it please? but this message had never happened to me
  11. hi a question for real drivers in real life, it is normal that the scania s does not have the warning light on the dashboard that signals whether the headlights are on or not because on ets there is not but also in reality there is not and if you know why there is no usually they always put it because the scania doesn't have it
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