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  1. Congratulation on becoming part of the moderation team! 

    1. Gummy.


      Thank you!

  2. That sounds good, wont really use it that much but it's a good way to show new players how the game looks like.
  3. Take care thanks for your service

  4. Yes ofc I do thats how it needs to be done. its the law IRL too.....
  5. Came accross truckers mp because of videos that I have watched and looking up if there was multiplayer in game. Very happy that truckersmp exist!
  6. I always use my blinkers, it's a reflexe that I have gotten over time from driving irl and ets2/ats.
  7. Hopefully some people can use the tip and become better drivers!
  8. Currently driving my mom Nissan Micra but were waiting to receive a Mach E (should be in 2-3 months hopefully)
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