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  1. I think that's the most beautiful part of the ontology map!
  2. Thank you for your appraisal @AkiraKurosawa Which one? Thanks @Reid1651
  3. Just yesterday, Truckersmp updated and adapted the 1.44 version of ETS2. We are all enjoying ourselves in the vicinity of the Alps. The beautiful scenery makes us indulge in it, but such a high-quality map is also a test of players' hardware equipment. Players are playing must have recorded the scenery along the way with pictures, please send it out and share it with us!
  4. On the contrary, I have been recording since the first time I started the game, and after encountering a collision, I will only enter /time instead of rec to remind the perpetrator, because even if I Say it, and some people won't realize their own mistakes!
  5. Hey,Death Knight Thanks for your review!
  6. Thanks for your follow

  7. Alps Logistics daily joint transport Alps Logistics Event # 1 Alps Logistics ✖ Oldslool Club @LLLAAAHG
  8. Happy and meaningful trip❤️


    Play with @LLLAAAHG


                                                           Alps Logistics  ✖  Oldskool Club


  9. Happy Birthday 

    1. Samito_BG


      Thank you very much! ❤️🍰

  10. Keep: DAF Trash:MAN >DAF / Renault
  11. Welcome back bro!Good luck❤️

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