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  1. Sad to see you step down :( 

    1. fyzz08


      I don`t have as much free time as before...

    2. Smalley - Truckers.FM

      Smalley - Truckers.FM

      I understand. Good luck with whatever you're doing :) 

  2. Добрый день! Пожалуйста, уменьшите срок бана. 


    1. Creatured


      appeal it locked


  3. i suppose it's fine that you implemented your internal rule about evidence not allowed past 1 month old..

    yet it's also totally ok for admins to decline evidence, because it takes 10-12 days from the report is made, to closing it?!


    that makes absolute zero sense!

    1. fyzz08


      For problems like this please contact [email protected]

  4. Support applications were open for 2 weeks+.
  5. @W4chund joins as Trial Support [MOD] @smokywarfame joins as Trial Support
  6. [SUPPORT] @Benjamin88 is in the process of coming back as support [ADMIN][SUPPORT] @bluesbass is leaving support team, he will continue as ADMIN
  7. [ADMIN][MEDIA][SUPPORT] @Bonnm rejoins support team [SUPPORT] @ncarolineBR rejoins support team [MOD] @PrototypeGR joins as trial support
  8. Mutat in sectiunea ghiduri. Moved to guides.
  9. Welcome to TruckersMP again! :D

    1. [TSRVTC - Veteran] ismail [TR]

      [TSRVTC - Veteran] ismail [TR]

      Welcome back to TruckersMP Forum Again "Demen Gerekir"

    2. HamitCanKilic / 24]

      HamitCanKilic / 24]

      İkisi de aynı anlam hemen hemen zaten.

  10. Hi man  ı wish you can help me ı was driving on my way and suddnely ı get ban ı get very angry cause ı didnt distrubing anyone ı didint ramming anyone ı will this (IMMORTAL766) admin will be fired of admins ı banned to game 4 days is this reason? 

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    2. Meto


      @Bedirhan Boyraz O zaman e-mail atıcaksın [email protected] !


    3. Bedirhan Boyraz

      Bedirhan Boyraz

      kardeşim anlamıyosun galiba admin zaten bana geri dönüş yapmadığı için support liderine durumu iletmek istedim sana dokunan bişeymi var

    4. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      HAHAHAHA where is the picture can we see it?

  11. [ADMIN][SUPPORT] @El Barto joins support team
  12. [SUPPORT] @Ashley comes back as support. [SUPPORT] @PrezesikV8 comes back as support. [IGA] @Sunort left support team due to lack of time, he will continue as Administrator.
  13. I think it would be a good idea to let people apply to help out in game but not as a admin they cant do what a admin can do they are only allowed to send people to the service station they cant ban anyone or use the police car & anyone who goes around just sending people to the service station will be banned from the help team

    1. Penguin


      There's not much we could do in-game, as most of the problems we deal with in Help are Account related. We're more technical support, not In-Game support, however if any players have any questions we'll happily answer them if we're not busy!

      Also we have no need for any kind of In Game permissions, our Admin Team watch over the Servers, which mean that there's no need for us to do it as well.

    2. drewstblack156


      ok so there is always a admin in game on atsmp & ets2mp on all servers all the time people don't have to go looking for a admin when they need one

    3. fyzz08


      The feature can be abused so it won`t be added.

  14. hi what does a support team member do in game

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    2. heyhococo


      Nothing, purely dealing with tickets at http://support.truckersmp.com and the help section of forums ;)

    3. [GER]Loading...


      As support "guy" you don't have any permission ingame, you're just able to help people in the forum ;) 

      Ingame : You're a normal player like you and me

      Forum : hide topics, close topics, trash topics etc

    4. fyzz08


      Support team doesn`t have any special privileges in game. They help mainly with account, mod or windows problems you might encounter.