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  1. Hello truckers, It's that time of year when we are looking for new supporters! If you have applied in the past and weren't selected, you can apply again. If you have more than 3 bans or warnings on the forum, please do not bother to apply. For more information, check out the requirements below and send in your applications. Vacant seats: 8. Languages that we are interested in are: Dutch French German Italian Polish Portuguese Romanian Spanish Turkish You can apply even if you know other languages than those listed above, we strive to support new languages. Requirements: - You must be 17 years old or older. Why this limit? We require mature people who know when to be serious and when to joke - You must have a good knowledge of English - You should have about 50 useful posts - A good forum and in game behavior - Dedication and devotion to help other people Send in your applications here: http://goo.gl/forms/aAza6C5evH End date: 15/04/2017 Good luck! fyzz08
  2. @gorghislm daca ai toate dlc harti imi poti trimite o salvare care iti merge si voi actualiza personal timpul jocului cu cel al serverului @Joker16 este probabil sa fi luat o cursa de la World of Trucks, acelea sunt limitate automat de platforma SCS, indiferent de camion
  3. Unica solutie este sa asteptati, poate dura pana la 40 de minute sincronizarea intre timpul serverul de joc si al salvarii. Este obigatoriu sa fiti pe salvare noua unde nu ati cumparat niciodata angajati si nu ati activat alte moduri in singleplayer. Daca nu reusiti si aveti toate dlc harti (scandinavia, going east, france) imi puteti trimite salvarea in pm si o voi sincroniza eu.
  4. Guide pinned. Thank you for your interest in the matter.
  5. Need more Administrators for American Truck Simulator who control Spanish and English Basic


    Thanks for the updates.

    1. Gun Powder

      Gun Powder

      Fyzz08 no speak spanish, he is speak english and italy.

    2. Sven67


      Tell them your email and write your proposal [email protected] or put under the category of proposals

    3. El1teZombiezHD


      I speak English and Some Spanish and I occasionally come on ATS

  6. [ADMIN] [SUPPORT] @MrHarv98 rejoins support team.
  7. [SUPPORT] @Penguin promoted to full support [SUPPORT] @Noxii promoted to full support [SUPPORT] @YukselD1923 promoted to full support [SUPPORT] @stgt50 removed from support due to inactivity @Cooper-NL fails to pass Trial Support

    1. Sentinel_


      Please put your videos in



      or as a personal status.

  9. Unica solutie @gorghislm este sa faci salvare noua. Te joci in single pana cand iti poti cumpara camion si dupa poti sa vii in multiplayer. Sa nu cumperi niciodata angajati si sa nu activezi x moduri pe profilul de multiplayer.
  10. Salut fyzz.este posibil un unban ?am luat 7 zile si mai am 2 ,te rog unban ca sa pot ajunge la un convoi 


    1. HerrSwizz
    2. Sgt_Tailor


      Locked. See comment above. 


  11. Thanks Fyzz08 for the attention and contribution given to the South America server, which was having speed limitation issues.  :)

  12. Ne poti posta un screen cu eroarea?
  13. [SUPPORT] @PrezesikV8 left support team due to lack of time
  14. Please write your problem in English. If you are looking for help in Russian, please post in the dedicated section.
  15. [SUPPORT] @Benjamin88 left support team due to lack of time