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  1. Thanks Fyzz08 for the attention and contribution given to the South America server, which was having speed limitation issues.  :)

  2. Ne poti posta un screen cu eroarea?
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  4. Please write your problem in English. If you are looking for help in Russian, please post in the dedicated section.
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  6. Hello fyzz its possible unban me please.I was insulting , and i was to apologize u i whant to play mp very much again i was offline more then 1 year please resolve me. I apologize again to you .

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      I'm sure he'll appreciate your apology.


      Unfortunately, that's not enough to get you unbanned. You need to appeal your ban here - http://truckersmp.com/appeals - this is your only chance of getting unbanned.


      As @ismail [TR] said, you can follow this guide to assist you with an appeal -

      If your unhappy with that response, you can email feedback. Follow this guide -

      Have a great day.

    3. [S.PLH]Warrior


      just follow the procedures that are given above, those you should follow and read off course



    4. fyzz08


      #Problem solved.

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  8. daca m-a injurat cineva si l am injurat inapoi pentru ca m a bagat intr un parapet pe autobanda sunt eu de vina? si chiar daca el m-a insultat primul? daca eu nu am facut printscreenshot  la ce a zis ala tot eu primesc ban? si daca-i spun adminului imi spune ca injuraturile nu sunt permise?

    1. [S.PLH]Warrior


      hello this isn't the way on complaining about your ban on a staff member his status

      please follow this procedure on how to send a email to TruckersMP



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  10. We are aware of the opengl issue. We hope that it will be fixed in a future TruckersMP version.
  11. Switch from opengl to directx - It might fix your issue,
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  13. Ciao. La winter mod e gli effetti gli puoi disattivare da TAB - Opzioni o dalla schermata di login, bottone opzioni in alto a sinistra. GENERAL - SEASON EFFECTS MOD - WINTER MOD
  14. Se non hai Service Pack 1 per Windows 7 x64, TruckersMP non funzionerà, quindi installa prima quello.
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