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  1. I don't think it will be, I also don't think it is a good idea if it is removed.
  2. Savage.

    Weirdest thing you saw

    Weirdest thing I have saw on the road was a driver really quickly driving In a circle for at least 5 minutes till he was banned.
  3. Congratulations!^_^

    1. Olioak


      Thank you!!!! :D

  4. They probably will. We do have to wait until TruckersMP have it ready and set up for us, however it may take longer due to it being such a big update.
  5. Savage.

    Overtaking speed

    A lot of people upgrade their engines to max and will make the trailer 1t so that it is not heavy and doesn't take as long to overtake.
  6. Will definitely have to attend!
  7. Congratulations!^_^

    1. -VOYVODA-


      thank you so much mate ♥

  8. Definitely Palermo, beautiful city.
  9. Happy birthday!^_^

    1. Mirko9


      thanks man


  10. Savage.

    The most popular trailer brand

    Definitely Schwarzmüller for me.
  11. Savage.

    Ets2 skoda change

    I think sticking to the Skodas and fixing the bugs on them will be good.