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  1. Spoiler






    Some Pictures from driving in Washington (in the spoiler)


  2. 20190511_110039.jpg

    One of the self-serve machines at a local McDonalds here had a BSOD :lol::lol: image is sideways for some reason

  3. Does anyone know why ETS2 on my PC for a few months now has a lag spike that lasts about 3-4 seconds PRECISELY every 30 minute intervals? I would guess some form of throttling but it would be weird for it to occur every 30 minutes exactly.

    1. Cbrady40 [G29]

      Cbrady40 [G29]

      i may try that but whenever it lags there is usually no "Saving..." indicator in the corner but im not sure if its possible for it to save if theres no saving indicator or not. The game and documents are on an NVMe SSD so it shouldn't do that either way if its saving.

  4. No snow on ground here, but snow mod is added to TMP and mere hours later we get a bunch of snow (IRL) :thinking:

  5. does anyone else notice that SCS put in a higher quality road texture for vanilla areas but keep removing it? I first noticed the higher quality roads in 1.32 public beta, and in full release they were gone, and in the first release of 1.33 they returned and in the version of 1.33 that came alongside the Baltic Sea DLC removed them again, possibly a mod I have in SP or did anyone else notice this?

  6. 20181130190224_1.thumb.jpg.5a5559042b4df72285b721c855cea9ce.jpg

    Port of Helsinki, Finland. Baltic Sea DLC!

  7. Ayyyy you're from Moncton.. I'm from Saint John N.B, living in Ontario though. 

  8. Took a long haul from Warsaw to Longyearbyen in Promods yesterday, I love the scenery in it :wub: I know it won't ever happen but PM would be AWESOME in MP,  even if it was just a little server with you and another friend.















    1. Positivetrucking168


      The distances to cover between each town would be pretty great up in northern Norway, so much so that the cities would be too quiet and only a very small number of users every week would visit them, but still, the scenery is very good around there. 

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photos and truck :love:

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  9. Happy Birthday to you mwl4!!!

  10. RIP EU2

    Edit: Nevermind EU2 had a 1-Up Mushroom.

    1. FedeE656


      It was down just 2 seconds, I connected right away and it's working well :)

  11. Liking the Mighty Griffin Update!





  12. Spoiler


    1. Cbrady40 [G29]

      Cbrady40 [G29]

      ^ Some screenshots from ATS 1.31, it wouldnt let me add text above spoiler for some reason :wacko: (Realistic Graphics Mod, they didnt change the graphics in 1.31 :lol:)

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      very nice photos :wub:

  13. Drove in some Italia today...





    1. Richrd


      Looking good!

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