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  1. Staff Convoy 14.01.2018

    @Brandon8506 Hey thanks for spotting that, 7&8 are right next to each other clicked the wrong one thanks anyway.
  2. Staff Convoy 14.01.2018

    Hello, On Sunday January 14th at 18:00 UTC, we will be having a Staff Convoy. Players will not be able to connect to the server for the event as it will be whitelisted. We will be streaming this convoy on our Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/truckersmp Route Map: Thanks, Sgt_Tailor
  3. Hi Tailor, I'm Rex-e. I'm new around here and I'd like to know how to publish on my profile. I can't find the option. Can you help me? :D


    1. Rex-e


      Never mind, I was able to activate it! sorry for bothering you :( 

    2. Sgt_Tailor


      Anytime :)

  4. New Years Giveaway [2017/2018]

    Hello Truckers! As the end of 2017 comes around, we have decided to host a giveaway to celebrate the new year! This is to celebrate the amazing milestones that TruckersMP has hit over the past year! Here is a list of the main ones that we hit: ​We turned 3 years old! We now have over 1.7 million players signed up! We opened up a public discord that now has over 6000 members! Details on how to join can be found at https://truckersmp.com/blog/35 We started to do Giveaways that you guys have been enjoying. Our Twitch Channel grew massively we are now a Twitch Affiliate with over 12000 followers! We hit 16000 subscribers on our YouTube channel! Our Facebook Group now has over 5500 members! We also partnered with 10gbps.io for the winter period who provides you ultra fast download speeds for the Wintermod! To celebrate these massive achievements, we will randomly pick 7 winners and each winner will receive 1 of the following prizes. Here is what's up for grabs: 1 x Euro Truck Simulator 2: Gold Edition [ETS2 + Going East] 1 x Euro Truck Simulator 2: Italia 1 x Euro Truck Simulator 2: Vive la France 1 x American Truck Simulator: New Mexico 1 x ETS2 Or ATS Wheel Tuning Pack 2 x ETS2 Country Paint Jobs To enter the giveaway all you need to do is sign in and do the actions below! Each action will gain you 1 entry into the competition. Also, since we have become an Affiliate on our Twitch channel, Twitch subscribers will get a extra 5 entry's into the draw! There are plenty of chances to enter! Please read the following Terms and Conditions before entering. Entering this giveaway means you have read and understood the following terms. Giveaway Terms and Conditions: There is a mandatory question that asks for your TruckersMP Profile link, we will use this and your email to contact you if you win! If you do not provide the correct information on that question, your entry will be void and we will re-roll. [You will be contacted via Steam or the TruckersMP Forums if you win] You may not pick the prize, this will be selected by us for you. If you already have the DLC's that are listed above, we will send you ETS2 Country Paint Jobs up to the amount that that DLC costs. You also must have a Steam account so we can gift / send you the DLCS! Giveaway: https://gleam.io/yq6y9/truckersmp-2017-2018-new-year-giveaway A big thank you goes out to the community for helping us reach these goals! Giveaway Sponsored by Horizon. Thank you, TruckersMP Team View post on homepage
  5. # Trunkamp company is not fair. Deliberately with the Arabs. I got a permanent ban.3 emails band never

    1. Anriandor


      Hello @all554,


      I would kindly like to remind you that the forum is not the proper place to be discussing your ban or anything related to this topic. It will not help you but could make things even worse.


      Please use the ban appeal system in the first place and follow the appropriate ways rather than writing about this on the forum. Also, keep in mind that it can take quite some time for the respective Game Moderator to review your appeal and the circumstances of your ban as it must be done properly, which necessarily takes time.


      For further information, please refer to the following topics:


      Additionally, you can complain about your ban by contacting Upper Staff if you have the feeling that the Game Moderator did not issue it properly. In order to do so, use the feedback system, which can be found here:


      Thank you very much for your understanding. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



      Kind regards,


      TruckersMP Moderator




  6. Locking topic as the event is now finished. Thank you to all attendees, this was our final event for 2017. We hope to see you in 2018!
  7. During the Winterconvoy, first I'm kicked from the server because I did not have a trailer, while I was at the company. Then when rejoining, there was a a line of trucks, which did not move at all and had to go around them, but then I am banned for 12 hours (reckless driving)

    1. Titanic4


      Don't complain about bans on forums. Appeal the ban here: https://truckersmp.com/appeals

    2. Teveron24


      yeah, but that is too late for joining the winterconvoy, I even have requested a day off

  8. If you haven't seen already, the Media Team did an awesome job on the Winter Mod Trailer - 

    + the fact that the winter mod will be available for the Christmas Convoy tomorrow :) 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great Video :) Looks so nice with the snow and snow covered roads :D

    2. doorgapmonster


      love it, great job

    3. Thomas (NOR)
  9. ^ Added the bit about the trailers , but paint jobs are completely up to you.
  10. Hi everyone, On Sunday December 17th at 09:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC we will be having a public convoy on Euro Truck Simulator 2. This is going to be our Christmas Convoy for 2017, it will be a total of 12 hours long! We ask you to please sign up for this event on this website, it will show you all the information about the convoy itself: http://truckers.events/thepolarexpress The convoy will be open to everyone, There will be convoy control participating, who will guide and make sure nobody gets lost during the event. As the convoy takes place on a dedicated server, the convoy control are allowed to block other roads. Please arrive with a truck+trailer, only Convoy Control will be permitted to use cars. Since there are a total of 5 routes, we decided to make an Imgur album of all of the routes. The estimated time per route is about 2 hours with a roughly 30 minute break between. They can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/G6cP4 Timezone Conversion: https://notime.zone/L-Y0HUAZ2sOi1 We hope you enjoy, -TruckersMP Team View post on homepage
  11. Italia DLC Giveaway

    Locking topic as the event is now finished. Thank you once again for participating.
  12. Public Convoy 26th November 2017

    Yep that's fine. It's the heavy cargo that's the issue.
  13. Italia DLC Giveaway

    It will be over once the DLC is released. So to answer your question yes, it's still on.
  14. Hi everyone, On Sunday November 26th at 18:00 - 20:30 UTC we will be having a public convoy on American Truck Simulator. This time, we will be driving in the New Mexico DLC! Here is a tool to help with the time conversion: https://notime.zone/KzJs-khOUPWJO The convoy will be open to everyone, There will be convoy control participating, who will guide and make sure nobody gets lost during the event. As the convoy takes place on a dedicated server, the convoy control are allowed to block other roads. Another note: Please do not arrive with heavy cargo trailers. We will be starting off at the the rest station on Route 40 just south of Albuquerque as you can see on the route map below. Please arrive with a truck+trailer, Scout cars will only be allowed to be driven by administration and convoy control. Planned convoy Route: This event will be streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/truckersmp We hope you enjoy, -TruckersMP Team View post on homepage
  15. Staff Convoy 05.11.2017

    Locked, event finished.