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  1. Media Team Productions: Videos

    Added: - TruckersMP Christmas Convoy 2017 Trailer - TruckersMP - Winter Mod Trailer - TruckersMP - Real Operations V4 | American Truck Simulator
  2. Today was Boston to Heathrow, figured I'd share some shots taken along the way.




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    2. [Anatolia] SuaT

      [Anatolia] SuaT

      iyi düşünmüsünüz güzel olmuş

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great Photos and nice plane :) 

    4. Fanatico


      great pictures:)

  3. Stacked Lighting - Save Editing Reminder

    Hi Everyone, Here is a friendly reminder that stacked lights are not allowed to be save-edited onto trucks with our latest Game Rule update. The Media Team has created an infographic to expand on this topic. Thank you, TruckersMP Team View post on homepage
  4. Arrived at a quiet Chicago Midway




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    2. Mircea97


      FSX + pmdg??i need a good pc, not a laptop, this game is sweet ... 

    3. Sgt_Tailor


      @Mircea97 Not fsx, Prepar3D.

    4. Mircea97


      oh, still cool :) my laptop can't take this game .. 

  5. Hi everyone! Events and convoys are starting to become a regular activity in TruckersMP. There are quite a few players in our community who dedicate lots of time into planning and organizing their own event. While an event or convoy brings together our community, it’s also a perfect occasion to support other organizations. Organizations that could help disabled people or people affected by a certain situation to enjoy Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator and plenty of other games as much as you do. In a perfect situation, everyone is living the ultimate life. In reality, however, this is often not the case. It’s important to support these organizations as everyone deserves as many chances as they need to be happy. Truckers of our own community often support a charity while holding an event or convoy and we feel it’s finally time to shine some light on those people, who we could call heroes. During the past 4 years of charity events and convoys in TruckersMP, over £10.000,00 has been raised for various organizations that they can use to help people in need. Haulage 64, Drive for Live, Trucking For Cancer, Children in Need, Feed the Need and 24S are a few of those events that helped our community raising this insane amount of money! We are proud to see our community being this supportive and we hope to keep seeing charity events in the bright future. A trailer for Haulage 64 2018 has been released a few days ago, we invite you to get involved in this amazing event. View post on homepage
  6. TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR] @Aragon joins the Media Team. He will remain as a Game Moderator as well.
  7. Did a flight with konfig0 & Noxii today, departed Dublin and arrived at Gatwick.




    Konfig Arriving:


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Dublin, Ireland :D  :wub:

    2. TrademarkGamer


      Sounds like a decent flight. Actually gonna be doing that pretty soon 


    Hi, This has already been reported here: We recommend that you create a new profile in single-player. Regards, Sgt_Tailor
  9. TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR] @Sgt Salt leaves the Media Team due to lack of time, he will remain as a Game Moderator.
  10. TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR LEADER] @Aestrial joins the Media Team.
  11. SD-TRANS

  12. Nice profile background ❤️

    I am not quite sure from which aircraft this Cockpit on your picture is, but I guess from a B737 or an A320/A321/A319.

    More from an A320 Family

    1. konfig0


      It's a 737.

    2. Sgt_Tailor


      ^ yep pmdg 737 ngx :P Prepar3D v3

  13. Hi everyone, As you may already know today March 8th, is International Women's Day. We decided to recognize this day as we do have quite a few female truckers in our community. Some may ask, what is exactly celebrated during this day? Well, it is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The Media Team has created a photo for this as well, have a great day! Regards, TruckersMP Team
  14. Again thanks for stopping by last night.

    Remember folks to yield to emergency vehicles.






  15. Simulation and /Fix

    Hello everyone, A while ago we asked for your opinion on the /fix command. As we have stated afterwards, only a handful of our average monthly players voted on the poll meaning we didn’t get an ultimate clear view on how you want it command to work. This resulted in the situation to remain the same. However, after hearing all the voices of the people that voted on the poll, reading reactions on our Facebook page and our official international group and having conversations with individual players, we decided to review it again with great care and we concluded that we had to push one more change to cater those that want to push simulation to another level. We disabled the /fix command entirely on our simulation servers. Servers that have the speed limiter enabled are being considered as a simulation server, so those who request an event server with the speed limiter enabled will not have this command available. While this change might bring hope to some of our players, we have no plans to push any other changes in regards to this command at this moment. Happy trucking! -TruckersMP Team View post on homepage