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  1. Ay all i'm am back from the dead for many many months!
    Just want to say it's been long time see you guys online playing still!
    hope to see you all on the game real soon! Peace ?✌️

  2. Hey everyone been soo long playing this game, just want to give everyone the massage saying this is awesome game i ever been playing, keep up good work have fun be friendly to everyone!
    Feel free to truck with me sometime if you want or not.

    Miss the good timeing! please hope nothing change lets all be friends! on Online!

  3. there a'lot fun idea for this game make it crazy well do the trick ;) who agreed with that like it can be anything! you wish just don't go to much CRAZY. :D 

  4. (hey everyone sorry been not active much just want to say i been waiting for some updates on game before playing and also been busy)
    ye i been busy for while but i'm trying to catch up with everyone here so whatever i miss or not let me no how the update going and i really enjoy both games. *ats* and *euro* if anymore update come ill be ready to see it on scs thanks for reading this!

  5. hey guys and girls i need some help with the skoda cars.. everytime i try to drive it only go up to 40km ? is there away to fix this issu and also can someone please fix the speed limit everytime i uncheck it it keep put in the check mark by it self. i want to play normale but this is not fun for me
    any idea about why the car only drives soo slow? at 40km and why the issu with the speed limit ? thing 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. NightOfTheWings


      really ?? what happen to the auto how did it bug out it use to work when i drive the cars ? @FoneeYT

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      ya there is a bug with the auto cars atm but :tmp: is aware of it so it will be fixed :)

    4. NightOfTheWings


      kk thanks you guys ;)

  6. how everyone going with trucking mp going crazy like always :)

  7. good morning lads and truckers please **Note**
    Just want to say hope everyone enjoy your trucking and vtc group no matter what always drive safe fun no matter what if you guys like to do silly things make sure you guys don't upset the admins ;) lol

    im jk but how is everyone today been while i'm have in good day how about you guys ?

    1. [MCG] Masunio

      [MCG] Masunio

      good morning and have a nice day <3

  8. good morning truckers . of TMP please note  hope everyone enjoy discord and trucking and many vtc group i pretty enjoy with all this want to say thanks for make in this game look really real ! scs people and the people who made MP ! keep up good work hope it get really better and more real ! cant wait to see what on the next add on to the game !

  9. Guess im have in issu with the game on euro why is my auto save thing wont work ... like im start in to get little mad about it every day or night i get off the game where i life it and i was in the car but then when i came back on im back where it say EU#1 and back to my old truck like really .. im kinda getting annoy and tired of it ?? Is the auto save broken ?? or bug or what the deal .. im just really mad right now about this . even same with my ats . like what the deal ??

    1. -VOYVODA-


      auto save doesnt work mate ?

    2. NightOfTheWings


      @Texas Transports LLC  well no every time like when i leave the came then come back little later on my game didn't use to save on my spot it just random change back and put me back to old save in so every time i save Normale it random put me back to same file as i was before i have no idea what the deal .. like i save when i drive in a car then log off . then after i come back it puts me back in same truck as my old save in like im really really not sure what the deal here but its still doing it .. im not sure if it bug glitch or whatever but its not save in my games anymore it just put back to same old file ,, to truck not like my car or anything

  10. hello all i'm back and normal me im am back with live twitch feel free check them out ;) lol if ya want to

    2. NightOfTheWings


      ye been change in my names to long i'm just going go back with it . i miss my old name 

      this is how i start my youtube and twitch for pass loongs days

  11. Hello all been while to come back but i got one issu about the ats game there is one of problem u cant see other people have there over size load or flashing light on people truck with there flag what ? happen  other people cant see there flag or becaon ligths or anything but they can see the trailers

    1. ScaniaFan89


      Its done on purpose, like ets the flags make the whole game die so they set them off on default! You can turn them on in tab but its NOT recommended....fps dies enough with it left off! 

  12. DAM ! lol jk hey all :) im back to have my own name . but ill be doing some recording someday or maybe soon depans i guess but you guys have fun !

  13. https://www.twitch.tv/mrhat09 live on twitch feel free to if not no worry and yes i no im noob but im haveing fun 

  14. hello world going to do live on twitch very soon <3 keep on track

  15. #LiveStream well be ready to go when i get back home it well live stream *euro* first then ats later on follow me on mrhat09 twitch and see you all there :) if not no worry !! link well be here when ever you guys like to watch it or not i cant stop ya https://www.twitch.tv/mrhat09

    enjoy your day truckers !

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