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  1. ok then.....

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    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      The one that was about two months ago on American Truck Simulator. Lets just leave it like that. I rather not start arguing. Today is not my day with people

    3. Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner

      Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner

      You mean the Public TMP one? Ok, No worries. 

    4. Texas Transports LLC
  2. This recent update steam has did is worth nothing. everything is responding horribly

    1. DerAmpelmann


      Reboot usually helps when Steam is acting up

    2. MushroomLTU


      Steam overall has poor performance. Some cracked games run better than on Steam. Steam uses 50mb of ram for me, why would it need so much?

    3. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      I have rebooted my PC several times. It seems to be running good at the moment. man I have been on single player driving across the country. Nice and peaceful if you ask me. Do not have to worry about stupid stuff going on. 

  3. [SCS Blog] New World of Trucks Event: Double-trailer Logistics

    I am aware of that. However doing it on multiplayer would be better and more fun.
  4. [SCS Blog] New World of Trucks Event: Double-trailer Logistics

    <<<<Banned for three months remember. Yea brother it would be nice to do this. I would be right there with you but I cant. Nothing i can do man sorry. Good luck and safe journey
  5. Is anyone having lagging issues on ATS. a friend of mine says people are talking about lag issues

    1. [ConSecGroup] Jacrispy
    2. Kiina // Chinezen ^_^

      Kiina // Chinezen ^_^

      That's possible because I've had this problem before

  6. How can i delete my forum account

    1. ThatCrazyPillow


      You can't.

    2. TruckerStefan


      Your banned is that why you want to delete it?

    3. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      yep i am done. I am through period. 

  7. guess i am stuck playing Garys Mod alone. might as well sit in my car 

  8. So sad and depressed it is unreal. i am lost. in tears

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    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      comment i made. i give up

    3. antrax737


      4th ban this year dude, you need to relax, i believe it is a struggle for you, you need to learn ignore stuff, just let it go, mind your own business... I hope they accept the appeal, good luck.

    4. Kiina // Chinezen ^_^

      Kiina // Chinezen ^_^


      Of course, it's just a game, and you don't have to accept court subpoenas:mellow:

  9. Why are less people playing ATS multiplayer?

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the community i would like to talk about the reason American Truck Simulator is getting less players and why Euro Truck Simulator 2 is getting more players and more excitement. Now as we all know if you have the game called American Truck Simulator we only have three states on there. We have two brands of trucks which are Kensworth and Peterbuilt. I have had the game since it came out as demo and then purchased the game once it came out. The game is boring straight up. S.C.S is taking their sweet time on trying to get more states put out for that game. Players are getting annoyed with it because once you have went all around the map and have hauled every single cargo possible and know all the spots it gets boring. Same scenary and roads and trucks. I mean in my opinion if S.C.S does not do something soon they are going to lose alot more people on American Truck Simulator. Now last year I decided to purchase the game called Euro Truck Simulator 2 for my computer. Now as an American I thought oh wow this is an entirely new area for me. I quickly fell in love once i started in the Scania Streamline. That is my baby right there. The growl of the engine and all I love it. I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 more then American Truck Simulator. I have all the map DLC's and driving on there in awesome. You never know what is around the corner, Calais-Duisburg road is like a real life traffic jam with young teenagers looking to get to their girlfriends house in a rush. Bergen is an area where people get double trailers but hold traffic up when they decide to make a U-Turn in the middle of the road only to get jackknifed, Amsterdam is where everyone goes and yet no one know entirely why. In other words each town is different. There is so many more players, more to see, more to explore, more to interact with, more trucks to choose from. American Truck Simulator would be nice if we had more states and more trucks to work with. As a company owner doing a convoy is pointless because egh it is boring. I have tried to do some convoys with myself and my driver and Jesus I get so bord right quickly I have to do everything i can to keep motivated. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is awesome because while going down the road you can expect the unexpected. You never know who is going to pull out in front of you, you never know who is going to spawn in front of you and you never know where the admin is. Thank you for reading this posting.
  10. Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the forums hops all is well today

    1. GhostGamingHD


      All is very well baby shopping is the plan for me, How are you mate?

    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      Baby shopping how fun. But at the same time frustrating as well. Good luck at your journey today. I am thinking of getting on ETS2 and going around exploring areas. 

  11. New server with enforced traffic rules

    If you want this to happen go to single player. As we all know there are drivers in the MP server who like to drive professional and we also know the trolls that like to get out and cause issues. Now yes as for me I like speeding but safely.
  12. Thanks for the rep point Penguin. because of this I have a fresh bag of sea food in my truck. However you have to locate it though

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    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      pfft the heat is off me now

    3. SimulatorExperiencer


      Hey at least  i give  u the bones  :D  haha  jks   ;)


    4. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      You give him the bones. Are you teasing him LOL

  13. Ladies and gentlemen of the forums this is how i am spending my morning: Country Style


  14. Transparent window in MP

    Step (1) Launch the game Step (2 ) Look at the top left corner of the screen Step (3). Click on the settings wheel icon Step (4). Click on graphics Step (5). Click on window opacity. Move slider to the left to your liking