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  1. erikj

    ProMods release

    Already been playing a bunch, thanks guys for making this happen!
  2. About time! I've been saying for years that you should give rewards for donations as it would improve the overall service a lot. Glad to see so many people already donating. Will definitely consider donating as well once I get back on the road again!
  3. Really looking forward to this! Best news this year...
  4. Spiller også på den største server Simulation #1
  5. erikj

    Road to Simulation

    Great work guys, I'm happy with this update. Glad to see that simulation is being prioritized a bit, as this is definitely where my main focus lies. :)
  6. I actually try to not run red lights ever. I am in no rush when playing
  7. I think a roadmap for 2019 would be nice. That way we have an idea of what features are planned for 2019 at this point in time. I would love to hear more about the teaser with AI traffic - is it close? Is the ETA not until 2020? Anything information or more transparency would be much appreciated. I don't feel like we get much new apart from updates to the latest game version. Also it has been suggested many times before that donations should be rewarded with a title or something else at the forum or ingame. Why is this still not a thing? I don't think people would donate and then complain that the mod isn't being worked on enough - it would just be nice to support the developers / TMP team and get a little in return. I'm sure this addition would increase the donations significantly which could perhaps go directly into servers, planning of more events, giveaways or stuff like that. This would also be a great interaction with the community. I know lots of forums that use this kind of approach and it's generally a win-win for most. Furthermore I just want to thank the game moderators for their work on the reports section on the website. I know in-game reports are hard to deal with as you have to catch the perpetrator in the act (which is why I always record ingame). My last few reports on the website have been dealt with within a few days which is a nice improvement to see. Keep it up! Last but not least I feel like it's worth commenting on the lastest TMP team changes. I feel like there are far too many changes in the team all the time. Surely this must also be tiresome for the senior members of the team to constantly train new members? I don't exactly have a solutions to this, but I just felt like it was worth saying. Thanks for the thread and keep up the good work
  8. I am looking forward to this, but will probably not buy it on day 1. Although unlikely, I'm hopeful for a discount around christmas time. Would be the perfect way to give myself a treat. Also by then the multiplayer mod would hopefully support that area.
  9. Hope it's alright that I chime in here. I had this issue once and I tried every single suggested solution online (including all of the above). Nothing worked. The only way I got windows to update and apply the latest patch was by reinstalling the entire OS. In any case - @Alexadamu9112 try the above suggestions, but if nothing helps, I would suggest you reinstall your Windows. It's always nice to get a "fresh start" anyway
  10. Good to know. Will this have any impact on the experience for the regular user when browsing the forums / website?
  11. Jeg spiller stadig, men det er meget forskelligt hvor meget tid jeg har til det. Tror ikke vi er ret mange danskere, som spiller ETS2MP og endnu færre, som faktisk bruger forummet. Så jeg tror desværre ikke, at der kommer mere liv herinde lige foreløbig. Jeg kører lidt over det hele. Det kommer an på humøret. Nogle gange er det dejligt at køre i de fredelige bjerge i norden, og andre gange er det sgu fint nok lige at køre på C-D strækning for lidt spænding.
  12. I also use Sony Vegas Pro for editing. I use Adobe Media Encoder for some smaller encoding jobs
  13. There is no specific format required for posting in the Major Event category. Apart from the normal site-wide rules, the following rules apply to the category: Minimum 50 participants with proof at moment of creation Topic created minimum 1 month in advance In case of charity event: endorsement of non-profit organization or official donation link for the event by non-profit organization Have a professional looking post with a banner and decent formatting. If special rules are to be asked for for the event, please check here. If you wish to use the Community Twitch channel for the event, please message a Community Manager for approval. Source:
  14. erikj

    Multiplayer Company

    This is basically what I've wanted from ETS2MP from the very beginning. My friends and I would absolutely love a server-side company, as it gives a sense of accomplishment to contribute to something together. Additionally, the economy of the company and the way you drive would impact all employees of the company. We're currently testing out some third-party VTC sites, but it's just not the same, as most places you have to manually report stuff like accidents. As mentioned, it would also make players drive more carefully. I'm pretty tired of seeing trucks driving past me with 130 km/h, but at the same I time I don't want to miss out on action as I otherwise would on EU#1 due to lack of players. It's probably not possible to implement this, but I don't doubt for a second it would be warmly welcomed within the community (the popularity of third party VTCs tells us that much!)
  15. I believe the primary reason this hasn't been added is due to the huge amount of stress it would put on the servers. It has been suggested multiple times before.
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