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  1. Hello Mates Good day to you all My euro truck crashes in some places in the MAP, whenever im Driving in some of the maps road it's just crashes and not showing any error messages Please guys how can i fix this i need help
  2. Hello King Modvz, i want to say a big thank you, your answer work just fine... Thank you so much man...But i still a little problem when i keep playing the game, and maybe i'm traveling with a sea ship to the next country, it's just Hang up and Exit the full game... If you know what's wrong with this Please Help me!!! when i start the game, it's runs for about 2 min's while playing it then It"s Freeze and Hang Like that, What am i going to do ?
  3. I got a new graphic Card (RADEON RX 5700) my PC, Now when i Launch the Game its works to a point when i Hit the Drive Button it Just Shows Blank Screen and shows not responding, what can i do about this Please Help !!!
  4. whenever i click on it is says An Error occurred while Contacting our Update servers
  5. I had my game for long time now mp as well... it's get to a point i was trying to log in it's keep giving me this error. so i tried to uninstall Truckersmp then installing it back,,, When i tried installing it back the error comes and wouldn't let me Plaese guys help me
  6. OK Now am a bit confused about this... Steam updating my game, the game UPDATE has been out for about a week or more now but steam has not yet giving me my own update.... what can i do ?? I can't wait to have my own Trailer
  7. Yes He has Done that Well i have tested it after doing one of the solved problem giving to me,,,, But i started the game just now it still continue the lagging,,, the cursor is the one even lagging in the game,, this is not good at all,,, i need help pleasssssss ok i will close them and try again Yes i have the updated steam last night I did solution 1 it was working fine before and now it has gone back again... And this Only come when am online, the games cursor keep lagging like mad
  8. Okay I see all Your Answer Toward My Complain and There are very Helpful and i tested one of them,,, And it's working Properly so far as i checked.... But My Friend also have a problem he Purchase ETS 2 Recently But he couldn't connect to TruckersMP,,, The Error He showed was He should Play The game at least 2 Hours and he has played more than Two days..... still TruckersMP could not Connect To SteamID.... What Can i do ??
  9. Hello FAMILIES am having problems please help me.,, my euro truck simulator 2 lagging problem on steam when connected online,, How can i resolve such an issue,,, MY PC REQUIREMENTS ARE SUPER OK
  10. NICE and Great picture I love it
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