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  1. Hey Buddy :) how is it going :D 

    1. Aragon
    2. S.E.T  AssassinGoEasy

      S.E.T AssassinGoEasy

      let me know when u get on man :) im glad to drive with you :)


  2. Aragon

    How do you talk?

    Hello, The push to talk button used to be V, but a while ago, it was changed to X. Also, you can find more information about your available microphone inputs in the settings menu (Press TAB, right click, chose the settings gear, and finally, the sound tab). Lastly, if it is working, you will see an icon of a speaker in the lower right corner of the screen when talking.
  3. why did you decline my bans its youtube wasnt working world wide and you refused my reports due to it :( so now iv got to report all 15 again with the same info 

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    2. stilldre1976


      bit of a crap excuse tbh I went on to google and typed in "is utube down" and got an answer in 5 second flat lol so can see chipmunks point here ...

    3. Keezome


      Google is a search engine, that wasn't affected. If you read the news, you'll be able to find the information on there. Thanks

    4. Smoky_TMP


      Sorry to hear that you, @chipmunk197, and others were affected by an issue that was out of our control.


      An announcement about this will be made soon both on the forum and website. People who were negatively affected by this, have the option to file a new report, including the same evidence link and a link to the previously declined report. We will then look into the previously declined report to make sure it doesn't affect your report score, and of course deal with the new report.


      Sorry for the inconvenience. 

  4. Aragon

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

  5. Aragon

    Old player checking in

    Hello, First of all, glad to see you back Regarding your question, it depends. In specific, go anywhere near cities such as Rotterdam, Calais, or Duisburg, and you will surely be greeted with people not taking the simulation aspect of the game too seriously. However, there are still plenty of Virtual Trucking Companies and groups of people that drive together obeying the traffic laws as if it were real life. Also, sometimes people in the map DLC regions take the game more seriously than those just in the base map. (Not always, but it's just something I've observed personally).
  6. Aragon


    Hello, Firstly, do you have your developer console enabled? If not, I suggest starting with that. The next thing would be to monitor the connection stats with the command g_developer 48. (If you are able to do this before you lose connection with the server). When you are finished with it, you can always put back on g_developer 1. Lastly, if you determine that there are indeed connection issues on your side such as packet loss, you could do various things such as using Ethernet instead of wireless, restarting your modem and router, or even contacting your ISP if you think it's on their end.
  7. Aragon

    Most Played Game + Amount Of Hours

    My most played game is Euro Truck Simulator 2 of course, with nearly 14,000 hours. https://steamcommunity.com/id/aragon0450/
  8. Aragon

    Can I apply for game moderator after my ban is up?

    Hello, Sorry to say, but generally, you cannot apply for a staff role until 1 year after your ban has expired, not just right after it does.
  9. Aragon

    Bug or save edit/hack

    Hello, The player in your video is using a save edit that is not allowed. Please file a report. Kind regards, Aragon TruckersMP Game Moderator Leader
  10. Hello, I assume you were using the US server. It frequently experiences lag spikes and up to 30 seconds of delay at certain times, so I would suggest that you use the EU server. Although your ping may be higher, it will at least be stable enough to play on. Kind regards, Aragon TruckersMP Game Moderator Leader
  11. Aragon

    I don't know if Admins need to close C-D Road.

    Hello, We have already made an attempt at closing the CD road two years ago, and all it did was create huge traffic jams around the areas that were blocked off. So in the long run, using Game Moderator trucks or cars to perform this task is extremely inefficient.
  12. Aragon

    Server Synchronized Gates

    Synced gates already happened, and I even remember seeing them in action back then: So all that's seemingly needed is compatibility with some of the newer tollgates, and fixes to work with the latest update. If we were able to pull it off the first time, I imagine it would be possible once again. Either way, I am in support of suggestion, and hope this does get addressed in the future.
  13. Aragon

    What is the easiest way to get mp player id?

    Hello @NoName566, If you are driving along, and someone decides to ram you or otherwise break the rules then immediately disconnect, you are still covered. The easiest thing to do in this situation if you are still in-game, would be opening the TAB menu, then right clicking to enable the cursor, and finally selecting the 'History' button near the top. From there, you can select any user that has left the area from the past 60 seconds. If you manage to find their name, click on it, and select the report option. You can then take a screenshot of their account information. If you are unable to do this because it's been more than 60 seconds, you can also find users in your development logs (if you have this enabled). They are located in C:\Users\YourName\Documents\ETS2MP\logs\log_spawning_DD\MM\YYYY. Ideally, you should open these in Notepad++, but the standard version works as well, although it can be more scrambled. From there, you can hit CTRL+F, and type all or part of their name. Finally, if it works, you will end up with a line that looks like this: [HH:MM:SS] Spawning GameTruck (TruckersMP Name(Temp ID) - TMPID: XXXXXXX - Tag: ) Additional data: There are other solutions out there, such as searching their username on other databases and websites, but sometimes that does not work, especially if they delete their account or change usernames right after the incident. I hope this has been helpful, Aragon TruckersMP Game Moderator Leader
  14. Aragon

    Reporting system problem

    Hello, The duration it takes for your report to be claimed can vary between just a few minutes, to a week or more, based on the number of reports that are in the queue currently. It doesn't mean that your report is necessarily being ignored, and we will get to it as soon as we can. Kind regards, Aragon Game Moderator Leader
  15. Aragon

    TruckesMP ui

    Hello, By any chance, do you have a hotkey set up (recording, for example) that would cause you to be pressing the F11 key? The next time you see your UI disappear, try pressing F11 and see what happens. Additionally, F9 will have the same effect for the chat. Regards.