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  1. tab

    Anybody who says reinstall the mod, this is actually incorrect. There's nothing I can do to help you with this, but this is actually a bug within multiplayer. It can be reproduced by attempting to drag the menu in a place other than the top (the sides, middle, bottom). Only fix for now is indeed to restart the game.
  2. Hi, at the moment draw distance is reduced in busy areas for performance reasons (so it changes by itself based on the amount of people around you). I believe it's around 30 players or something when it starts to become noticeable. You shouldn't worry about it for now, but just know the draw distance in your settings gets overridden by this "dynamic" one for now.
  3. Lies doch bitte einmal den Ban-Appeal. Danke

    1. csjdv


      No problem. Please wait for him on the line. You shouldn't leave a message here, XD

    2. [TUG] White Wolf

      [TUG] White Wolf

      Abwarten bis dein Ban Appeal gelesen wird. 

      Hier auf dem Forum Profil über den eigenen Ban rum zu schreiben bringt dir auch nix. :)


  4. Hi, I've just noticed that you used the video evidence from my report and banned this player: (1 week ban duration)
    I just want to point out that since this was his 4th offence, the player should be banned for a month. Could you please review this ban? Thanks

    1. Aragon



  5. The issue could possibly be related to development logging, which you can disable in the TAB menu's general settings. I was having the same problem a while back, the problem may be happening because if you have this option enabled, at times it can hang the game as it's logging sometimes 100+ lines of text regarding truck details in a file for every single person that loads in.
  6. ^ There are well over a million now, this is a very old post and I'm not sure why it is suddenly active again.
  7. Great in-game admin, always fast to respond to any questions/queries.


    Always in the right place at the right time by the looks of it too!

  8. Hey aragon. I'm sorry for bothering you on this issue again. But can you please look at it from my perspective. You only saw the last part. I was hit into the wrong side of the road and i didn't mean to hit the other truck. 


    Compare it between mine and yours:


    1. Anriandor


      Hello @Porkey, please do not post ban related things on the forum.

      Write your appeal and wait patiently, until it will be reviewed.


      For further information, check out the following topics:


      If you feel like your ban has not been issued properly, contact upper staff:



  9. I think the number 200 is familiar. Congratulations :P 

  10. Read This ASAP. Listen, you can unban me until I finish doing the cc, then you can ban me again.

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    2. Attach


      But if you want to hear it from staff, they will just say what I've said.

    3. Tango Trans {CC Manager} Omer

      Tango Trans {CC Manager} Omer

      @Attach Im just giving it a go

      And how do you guys reply so quickly :o

    4. Aragon


      I'm sorry but you broke the rules so you got banned. The forums aren't a place to discuss the ban, so this will be locked. Like Attach said, you aren't getting special privileges just because you're convoy control, you have to wait the ban out like everybody else. I won't be discussing this with you further... and making up excuses like "Oh I've known the admin personally so I can get myself unbanned early" isn't going to work.

  11. Hi Aragon.I have been banned by rayray5.There is no video.There must have been a mistake.The appeal still pending. Can you help me please. 


    1. PrototypeGR


      Hi whickus,


      When you make a ban appeal the admin who banned you is aware of it and he will review it as soon as possible so be patient.



  12. Aragon please come to Phoneix and deal with this carter dude. 

  13. TAB list is sorted by whoever loads in first, so if you're out of a city with your friends, then drive into the city with them, your friends will appear in TAB before those who load in upon entering the city. Of course this is a very variable thing, so it isn't consistent. It would be nice to see the list sorted in a better way.
  14. Aragon, Can We Start Over? Please Reply.

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    2. Tango Trans {CC Manager} Omer
    3. Tango Trans {CC Manager} Omer

      Tango Trans {CC Manager} Omer

      @Hyperspace You have nothing to say now, do you?

    4. SpeedySuliHD


      Not the right place to have an argument.. on an admin's wall. Think about your maturity levels when you both come to arguing on the forums :)

      PS. Don't argue anyways, it doesn't benefit you :D 


    1. HerrSwizz


      If you want to report a user do it here:

      Do not post it on the Admin´s profile.