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  1. Aragon's post in How do you talk? was marked as the answer   
    The push to talk button used to be V, but a while ago, it was changed to X.
    Also, you can find more information about your available microphone inputs in the settings menu (Press TAB, right click, chose the settings gear, and finally, the sound tab).
    Lastly, if it is working, you will see an icon of a speaker in the lower right corner of the screen when talking.
  2. Aragon's post in Bug or save edit/hack was marked as the answer   
    The player in your video is using a save edit that is not allowed. Please file a report.
    Kind regards,
    TruckersMP Game Moderator Leader
  3. Aragon's post in İn Game Tab Panel How Becomes Transparent was marked as the answer   
    To make your UI transparent, you need to do the following:
    1) Right click to bring up the cursor;
    2) Click the settings gear;
    3) Navigate to the 'graphics' tab;
    4) Down near the bottom, you can find the opacity slider. Slide it to the desired amount, and click apply.
    5) Once you are done, click 'ok' to leave the settings menu.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Aragon's post in Perma ban was marked as the answer   
    The duration of the ban is not linked to whether or not you can file an appeal for it. If you have been barred from filing an appeal, there would have been an additional reason for it.
    Your only option at that point would be either accepting the ban, or contacting a Manager by using the feedback system:
  5. Aragon's post in Multiple accts question was marked as the answer   
    You should always record your gameplay (and save it for a couple weeks, just in case), so if something happens you have counter-evidence. 
    If you're not experienced with recording, I'd suggest using https://plays.tv/.
    OBS Studio also has a setup wizard now, but there will still be a little more work required than plays.tv.
  6. Aragon's post in Was it the ghost mode, or cheating? was marked as the answer   
    This isn't hacking, the client is coded by default to spawn all vehicles in that fashion. It may look strange, but it helps performance. 
    -If a player goes right through you, but you don't take any collision either, that's ghost mode.
    -If a player goes right through you, but you are pushed away/take collision damage, then he might be hacking.
    Sometimes, there are synchronization issues & bugs that can make someone appear to be hacking but actually aren't because they can't see anyone. Keep that in mind, too.
  7. Aragon's post in Settings question was marked as the answer   
    The option(s) are mainly there to increase FPS (which I can gladly say it does), not to disable others seeing them. They can still see them just fine, if they too have the options checked as well.
  8. Aragon's post in Game Hangs when a player comes within range was marked as the answer   
    The issue could possibly be related to development logging, which you can disable in the TAB menu's general settings. I was having the same problem a while back, the problem may be happening because if you have this option enabled, at times it can hang the game as it's logging sometimes 100+ lines of text regarding truck details in a file for every single person that loads in.
  9. Aragon's post in Game Freezes when players come on my tab was marked as the answer   
    This generally is caused by two things, a slow computer, and also having "development logging" enabled in the multiplayer settings. Keep in mind if you disable it, the lag may go away but you will no longer have logs of players that were near you if you were trying to find their information later. The illustration below shows where to find it to turn it off: 

  10. Aragon's post in Commands/Controls? was marked as the answer   
    Y => Open Chat
    TAB => View players list 
    F9 => Enable / Disable chat
    F11 => Disable TAB menu + Disable names above other people's trucks
    To view chat commands open chat and type /help
    To report a player open TAB menu, right click on mouse, and select their name and click report player. You can also open the settings menu, player's steam profile, and even player's TruckersMP profile through this. Right click again to hide the mouse. 
    Hope this helps. 
  11. Aragon's post in Colored names was marked as the answer   
    First, go to your tab menu, right click on the screen, and choose "Settings".

    Then, under the general tab, you should be able to choose your tag and color .

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