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  1. Some traffic lights are completely pointless in the multiplayer aspect of the game, especially the ones where both of the other roads are just floating XXX barriers. In singleplayer, AI will come out of those intersections but they'll always be empty online. Of course, when you run a red light, you are doing so at your own risk, but it's only going to get you in trouble if someone else was put in danger or damaged.
  2. Hello, truckers! With Christmas right around the corner, we have decided to launch a giveaway with 16 potential winners! In total, we will be giving away: • Three Vive La France! DLCs; • Three Going East! DLCs; • Two Scandinavia DLCs; • Three Beyond the Baltic Sea DLCs; • Five Road to the Black Sea DLCs. To enter, you'll need to link your TruckersMP profile URL (example: https://truckersmp.com/user/293773) and select your favorite DLC over here before December 28th, 2019 at 0:00 UTC. Note: Entering multiple times will result in disqualification and your winnings being handed to someone else! If you win, we will attempt to contact the Discord account connected to your TruckersMP profile. Good luck! TruckersMP Team --> View post on homepage
  3. Hi there, Unfortunately, since the suggestion format was not followed, I am going to have decline this. Regards.
  4. After discussion with the developers on this one, we've come to the conclusion that this is not needed. Not only is it unrealistic, you don't necessarily have to know the exact speed of someone when overtaking them, just that you're faster. Regards.
  5. Instead of putting forth an annoying beeping sound, we are considering other options for this one such as making the UI more readable. Regards.
  6. Hello, Although we do not have a specific duration of footage required in order for a report to be accepted, the evidence must always show the full incident at hand, with ideally a few seconds before and after it as well to get a full picture of what happened. If you believe a Game Moderator has not properly reviewed the footage or accepted a report with part of the evidence cut off, please report this to Game Management. Other than that, since we already have guidelines and requirements on the duration of an evidence clip and what needs to be shown, I will be accepting this suggestion.
  7. Hello, At this point in time, we won't remove bans just because they are years old. However, with that being said, bans older than one year will change to a yellow dot within your punishment history which means it will no longer count towards most punishments issued. Since the ban system won't be changed right now, I am unfortunately going to have to decline your suggestion. Regards.
  8. Hello, Your suggestion is a duplicate of the following: As a result, this topic will be closed, but you are free to discuss this over there. Regards.
  9. Hello, Since players already are on channel 19 by default, that means they specifically went out of their way to turn it off if they don't have it on when approaching that road. In that sense, we will not suggest for them to turn it back on since using the CB on popular areas usually is painful to the ears anyway with all of the shouting and screaming going on. In addition, due to the wide variety of languages our players speak, using the text chat is often the most effective way to get your message across. For all of those reasons, we will not be moving forward with this suggestion. Regards.
  10. Hello, Due to performance reasons, we won't be moving forward with this suggestion. A solution to this already is to drive with the scoreboard open, as that would be valid in a report due to showing the distance of everyone. In addition, if the player exits the game, you can already see his/her name in the 'History' section of the tab menu which keeps everyone for up to 60 seconds after leaving your streaming area. Regards.
  11. Hello, We already monitor IP addresses as well, but each case is reviewed manually by us. It would be too risky for us to just automatically ban IP addresses since it could result in innocent players getting unfairly banned. Regards.
  12. Hello, We have no control over where players chose to go, so simply expressing your concern about it in a suggestion isn't a suggestion. If you have ideas to help with your concern, please create another suggestion with that included.
  13. Hello, Tolls and roadworks should be synced right now. If they are not for some reason, please file a bug report. Regards.
  14. Hello, This suggestion is a duplicate of another similar suggestion: As such, one will automatically be declined. With that being said, I do support this suggestion and hope to see it become reality soon. Regards.
  15. Hello, We never changed the trailer stability with recent updates - SCS software, the makers of the original game did. You are more than welcome to adjust your trailer stability within the game options as long as it's in the confines of what the game allows by default. However, if you feel that the physics should be changed or altered back to the way it was before, writing to them would be your best bet. Regards.
  16. Hi there, Unfortunately, you have not followed the suggestion format, so this suggestion will now be closed. In addition, we did not draw the city lines - SCS did. If we drew them, we would certainly not put them over highways and such. Hopefully that clears things up a little bit. Other than that, we won't be changing the speed-limiter in-game anytime soon. Regards.
  17. Hello, I very much agree that this would be a nice addition to the game. However, after consulting with one of our developers, I have unfortunate news that this is not currently feasible at the moment. Perhaps it will be reviewed again at some point in the future, but for now, I'm going to have to decline this suggestion. Regards.
  18. Hi there, You can already change the TruckersMP login screen's background in the following directory: C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\data\ets2_mod\ui\background0.png In that sense, all you have to do is make a folder called "ets2_mod", then a folder called "ui" inside of that, and then add your own image and call it "background0.png". In fact, you can even have multiple images of your own as per "background1.png" and so forth. Regards.
  19. Hello, Your suggestion is a duplicate of an already existing suggestion: As such, this suggestion will automatically be rejected.
  20. Hello, We already had a Chinese server at one point, but due to low population and server costs, it was removed. Since we do not have enough resources to add a server to every region of the earth, developers will add servers where they see fit. In the meantime, unfortunately, I cannot promise you that the Chinese server will come back. Regards.
  21. Hello, Sadly, you did not follow our suggestion format which all suggestions are required to have. Now, relating to your suggestion: The problem here seems to be your client-sided graphics settings, as well as the thickness of the font. Both of those things can be changed within the game files to make text like that easier to read. As such, since it is already possible to change that, we will not be moving forward with this suggestion. Regards.
  22. Hello, This suggestion has been accepted. Issue should be fixed now.
  23. Accepted. Will be done soon.
  24. Draw distance is automatically reduced depending on the playercount, which also affects beacons. As such, that rule was removed.
  25. This is an easy change, so I'll go ahead and send it to the developers. Thanks for your suggestion.
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