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  1. This is useful , now we need someone to make one on what different horn lengths mean >Double tap horn within a short amount of time is a greeting as you pass by >Long horn tends to be anger
  2. Nice Post, Going To Use This Tomorrow!
  3. TheSim


    55MPH is the max speed for an external contract so it could be that
  4. There are some working mods as @[RideDriving] Zsolt stated, these can be found here: Here If you want money/xp I use cheat engine offline as I find it easy to use. Though with a little bit of research you can find other methods. Hope I helped -Sim
  5. Happy Birthday

    1. DJ Dynamic

      DJ Dynamic

      Cheers Sim Player :P 

  6. what do you guys think of my website? ets2mppics.tk

    1. kevin_no


      hey that's pretty good

    2. TheSim




  7. Add a  custom toyota prius as a car

    1. The Scottish Lad

      The Scottish Lad

      The MP team won't allow other mods. The Scout mod was made by the MP team so it's their choice. It might be unlikely to get more car mods.

  8. Lol Please pull that TOYOTA PRIUS With tinted windows alloy rims a huge wing and tinted rear lights over please
  9. Does anyone have tips on getting rep?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. jukeboxknox


      Dont ask for it, be around to assist people. Have a good attitude

    3. TheSim


      ^ Advice is now inside my treasure chest

    4. TheSim


      Umm I didn't want rep from this but... thanks?

  10. Suggestion Name: Change the: You Cannot do that firstly you must stop your truck message. Suggestion Description: It changes the message when you are moving and try to go into menu Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Because, cars have been added so it would make more sense to have it as : You Cannot do that firstly you must stop your vehicle. .
  11. Have you tried reinstalling?
  12. Because Many people are having issues running ETS2MP I suggest you run the game as an administrator

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