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  1. This is useful , now we need someone to make one on what different horn lengths mean >Double tap horn within a short amount of time is a greeting as you pass by >Long horn tends to be anger
  2. Nice Post, Going To Use This Tomorrow!
  3. TheSim


    55MPH is the max speed for an external contract so it could be that
  4. I just usually drive down there to improve my driving skills and reaction times because you get brake checked loads, you get rammed, you have to avoid overtakers so i feel as if it makes me a better driver
  5. There are some working mods as @[RideDriving] Zsolt stated, these can be found here: Here If you want money/xp I use cheat engine offline as I find it easy to use. Though with a little bit of research you can find other methods. Hope I helped -Sim
  6. Happy Birthday

    1. DJ Dynamic

      DJ Dynamic

      Cheers Sim Player :P 

  7. Désolé pour le mauvais français, il existe néanmoins un forum français que vous pouvez utiliser, voici le lien. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/16-french-discussion/
  8. Also please delete the other topics about this website
  9. what do you guys think of my website? ets2mppics.tk

    1. kevin_no


      hey that's pretty good

    2. TheSim




  10. Hello, my name is: The_Sim_Player. You might already know that I run a website (http://ets2mppics.tk/ or http://ets2mppics.weebly.com) My site is supposed to be a place for people to share private photos and free to use photos. you might ask how our website prevents people from copying your photo well your photo may have a water mark on it with your name and a copyright symbol. The aim for this website is to get people to share their pictures and know that they can keep them up without anyone copying them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Coming soon-------------------------------------------------------------Multi Language Support A Comment System Change of Domain So It can be used for ETS2(mp) ATS(mp) truckerspictures.(somthing_
  11. TheSim

    Ets2mp Pictures

    thanks @DJ Dynamic and @Cowz4Sale The reason some of them are rubbish is because people are going so quickly especially the ones at Rotterdam:p
  12. TheSim

    Ets2mp Pictures

    ^Thanks that will help people access my website even more didnt know people use it for viruses and scams though
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