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  1. Well try that with the winter mod disabled, when in full daylight, focusing on traffic, after you just upgraded your truck or got a new one, and leaving a crowded service you just find yourself kicked out without noticing the message
  2. Well the headlights were an example, the idea was to implement the sound for any red notifications messages that appear in the bottom-left corner, either as a warning or an admin notification/reminder. For example, sometimes I am driving in some very less populated areas, and i get kicked automatically because of the high ping, and i dont even notice that until maybe after few hundreds km, unless i had the players list active on the screen and I see it disappearing. The kick message in the corner is basically invisible on a 4k screen. And there are more examples where the sound would be useful.
  3. Suggestion Name: Headlights-ON warning beep Suggestion Description: The warning message and kick for not following the headlights-on rule is a great idea, but for example when using a 4k monitor or sometimes even a 1080p , the warning message aswell as any other messages that appear on the bottom-left side of the screen are barely visible, and very easy to miss. Therefore my suggestion is that when a warning message is displayed there, or any admin notifications or reminder, there should be a sound beep to come with it, to get everyone's attention to that message, so no one will miss it. The sound should be similar to the weight station approaching notification sound in ATS, but of course not that long, because that is very anoying. Just one or two short beeps would do the job successfully. Any example images: Not necessary Why should it be added?: This will considerably help following some in-game rules.
  4. Hello mate,

    I just got banned by you, i believe it's unfair,  please review the appeal on the website... Cheers!

    1. DerAmpelmann


      Hello @Annaconda,


      Please do not create ban related content on the forums. Be patient and wait for your appeal to be viewed. Discussing bans on the forums is forbidden and can lead to warning points.

      Since you have created the appeal I assume you know how to use the system, so no more from that, but then there's an extra step you can take afterwards. You can contact upper staff through feedback email ([email protected]), if you believe your ban appeal was handled incorrectly.


      View this topic for more information:



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