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  1. Suggestion Name: Recording Time Report Suggestion Description: Minimum time to write a report (video) Why should it be added?: I'm using Google Translate, if you don't understand something, I apologize. Well, come on. I am using this image as an example for you to better understand where I want to go. I belonged to a server administration where players are often reported with video recordings, the minimum time is 2 minutes in 95% of cases. Because? Simple, because we don't know what happened before what the whistleblower is accusing in the video, so a video of a certain amount of time is essential for all members of management to understand what is actually there. I will detail here what is in the video: There is a player apparently disturbing the other, ok. However, we can see that the video contains only 10 seconds, what could have happened before those 10 seconds? Exactly, many things. One of them is the main one, he made way for the other trucker, but he got in, but his recording is as if he had been disturbed. However, if he had left the recording at least 1 minute (before the occurrence) this ban would not have happened. For the member of management who analyzed this report would know that the intention of the user was the best possible, to avoid general inconvenience to all who passed by. My main suggestion is: Having a minimum time for a report in the recording, 1 to 2 minutes before what happened would be more than enough. Or, if you start recording only when the user has broken a certain rule, then record from then on and management will know what steps to take. Just like me, an administrator on a server (not from ETS) know how to analyze the profile of a player. Many are harmed because of these short videos, being limited to the unwillingness of the complainants not to show the true action in the video! Again I apologize if you did not understand something on behalf of the google translator. I'm from Brazil! I don't know if I actually posted where the suggestion should be if it's wrong. I apologize and have some management member move to the right place gratefully.
  2. Double loads can be trafficked all over the map except the cities listed, right? I want to confirm to avoid problems in my account, right now, thank you.
  3. Well, I think the only way is to get in touch with the support. Even because unfortunately all the topics that presented me, from the first topic to the new one I created, none solved. However, thank you very much to everyone who somehow tried to help me solve my problem. You can close the topic, thank you very much. I will contact support
  4. Again I am creating this topic with the same subject of the previous topic, I will quote it below: I'm not referring to telemetry, because I've been able to solve it. I mean in the other content quoted in the topic, being in the middle of loading after clicking on "Drive" from a black screen and back to the desktop. All the procedures that were done on that topic, unfortunately none were what helped to solve the problem, thank you all that tried to somehow help in that topic, but the only solution was when an update occurred in Truckers MP. I can normally play ATS both in Offline and Online, I can normally play ETS only in Offline, that is. This is something that has been happening exclusively with Truckers MP, other Brazilian players (like me, I'm using google translator) also had the same problem and solved it only after an update on Truckers MP, as I said. I did ALL the procedures listed in the first topic, none solved. I would like some position on this, what should I do. Why it was almost 2 months without this happening, yesterday came back again. I thought the next day would return to normal, but it stays again. Thank you!
  5. Sorry if you do not understand anything, I'm using Google Translate. Right now I was in Scandinavia and I came across a Double Trailers, a delivery from Scandinavia to Calaís, I was afraid to take it because I do not know if the MP is allowed, so before I pick it up, I'd like to know by some forum administrator /game. If the correct location is not here, I apologize for the incorrect post. Thanks in advance.
  6. I am grateful for the attention of all those involved in the topic, those who have tried to help me in any way, and the administrators of it. There was a new update on Truckers MP and the problem was solved because of the update, so it was really a problem in the last update even for some players, I believe. Even because I saw the same problem at this time in a publication on Facebook as mine, and they said that was it. I ask that if any administrator see this topic, close it. The same has been solved, thank you very much for the attention of all!
  7. Unfortunately my problem has not yet been solved, and I've done practically the impossible for this, I've uninstalled the game, I already uninstalled Truckers MP, I did all the procedures mentioned here in the topic, and nothing of the solution, my drivers are all ok, updated. This basically went from one day to the night, and as I said, I just can not play it online because in the off I usually get it, and I also tested the ATS on the MP and it worked normally.
  8. My DirectX is up to date because even less than 1 and a half weeks ago I was able to play normally on the MP, it slowed my ETS resolution and the problem remains, as I said at the beginning, as soon as I'm on my screen, where I already selected my profile, I click to go to the game itself, it arrives in the middle of the loading screen, a black screen and then I appear in the workspace of my computer and I can not return to the ETS, I can hear the volume of the game, the trucks, I can even walk, but I do not see anything, since he stays in the work area. I already tested this in two profiles, I already created a new one, I already used a profile connected in Word of Trucks and none of that solves, unfortunately.
  9. I have tried all the procedures mentioned by everyone on the subject and still the problem persists, including until I uninstall the ETS and be installed again and stay, I can play normally in the Off, only in the MP that does not. I still have connection with the sound of the game, but a black screen and back to my desktop and then I can not get back to the ETS Oh, yes, thank you for your response. But I've already uninstalled this, and still keeps popping up, can you tell me if there is any file left behind and still showing? I tried to play Online in ATS, and it worked normally, only ETS2 with this problem Some other attempt for me to see if my problem solves, I want to play. :(
  10. I tested the two ways mentioned here and the problem persists, the only place I can not log in is in the MP, when I click on "Drive", it starts loading but stops. This has never happened to me before, about the image I sent, does anyone know the solution for it too?
  11. I'm using Google Translate, if you do not understand something, I'm sorry. After updating the MP, I usually open the ETS2 in the Off, I can play it normally, but in the MP of a black screen and back to my work area, I wonder if anyone knows the solution to this problem? I already uninstalled the MP and downloaded again and the error remains. It appears for me to click on "Drive" and when I click, in the middle is the black screen and back to the desktop. I would like to know how to remove this, which always keeps popping up when I log into ETS, both Online and Offline, to finish it, do I need to uninstall ETS and install again? Before this message appeared and I managed to log in normally, as the problem mentioned in 1, began today, after I updated my MP. Follow the print below. Thank you in advance to everyone who will try to solve my problem.
  12. Still awaiting the update, which by the way has been waiting for more than a month.
  13. Thank you very much, I will return my version until it is updated, can close the topic if need be.
  14. I'm sorry if you do not understand something, I'm using Google Translator (I'm Brazilian), I wonder if they are already providing a future update for American Truck Simulator or will not have and with that we will have to stay in the compatable mode?
  15. ATS had an update today, I wonder if they will soon provide compatibility for the current version?
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