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  1. Suggestion Name: Suggestion message for channel 19 on the quarry road Suggestion Description: When in the proximity of the quarry road, suggest players turn their radio to channel 19. Why should it be added?: The quarry road is not wide enough for two trucks at a time. Radio communication is important on the road. Many have their radios turned off, and don't remember to turn them on when important. Of course some may not want their radios on, so simply have a reminder message that doesn't require any compliance. The usage of the reminder message may see a reduction in congestion and collisions on the road as drivers are able to communicate with each other on the road.
  2. Suggestion Name: Recording of collision statistics Suggestion Description: A system that registers whenever a vehicle has a collision with another player. Why should it be added?: This would allow admins to make an informed decision on whether or not their changes have actually reduced collisions. This would mean that potentially useless safety rules can be removed and potentially useful safety rules can be added. It would be able to decipher whether the 110km/h speed limit has reduced collisions etc.
  3. The first weeks will be chaos as people learn to adapt to the new conditions, once those weeks are up it will be fine. In mid January, everything will be normal, but people won't be driving as fast due to the slippery roads. This is how real winter goes too, at first it's chaos of people on summer tyres getting stuck, but eventually everything goes back to normal as people adapt to the winter.
  4. The physics does need some work, it should be slippery, but maybe not that slippery.
  5. It's almost as if that's the joke. (Also one of the cars that spun was an admin.)

    When the Eurobeat kicks in.

  7. Just one of the winter mod's many pros.
  8. The C-D route is huge fun! Especially in the snow. Driving at 80-100km/h while having to avoid some overtaking morons and not spin out is always fun.
  9. The Skoda is being updated, I'm wondering when that's released.
  10. I'd shift sequentially even with the DSG, right now though the gearbox is as cumbersome as it gets. You pull the lever and then the gearbox decides "Time to make a cake, go to the shop, talk to some friends, and oh yes, I'll change gear too." The 1.8 TSI is also rather pathetic, the accelerator pedal isn't actually an accelerator, more a noise setting, more throttle, more noise. The 2.0 TDI is better, but I can't stand the noise. It sounds like it was fueled with sandpaper, I drive the 1.8 TSI. Hopefully there'll be DSG farts. https://youtu.be/_LnHb2FKmnM
  11. The Skoda update should help. The proposed DSG gearboxes and more powerful 2.0TSI (EA888) engines should make overtaking easier, and the better brakes will make them not crash into the back of every traffic jam.
  12. I follow the car speed limit so get passed alot by morons, sometimes when I can see an overtake could be dangerous, I move into the left lane and block it to stop the other vehicle from sideswiping me when they see the oncoming traffic. (usually a truck, I've noticed that cars don't often do this). I'd rather I sideswipe them than they sideswipe me, it seems that the rear corners of every car and truck are indestructible.
  13. I have an agressive driving style but follow speed limits, I drive a Skoda.
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