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  1. GG kiddos, snowflake is a bAd word on here XD

  2. "Its full of people that cant/dont wana drive worth shite" And i say that everytime after.
  3. Muricans that only use one truck, the 389 because thats all they like and are completely rude if you ask otherwise. Also, i get called a girl, pussy and other names for driving a VOLVO in ATS ffs. Go to phoenix city in Arizona, they aways just hang around there and talk complete crap about nothing. The ats community is full of rude, un appreciated IRL people that feel the need to take there anger out on the player, just for being different. I love ATS but the community is toxic.
  4. Thanks For Follow Me 🥰

  5. OwO First i get my tax's done and now SCS has blessed me with this beauty!
    Great year, all i can say. 

  6. Out with the old and in with the new! Lovin this DLC, always:love:

  7. Not really a purple guy but looks great, love'n the new rules. Adds quite a lot of depth to MP :)

  8. thanks for follow :)

    1. DJ_Sukoi


      Np, i saw the good side of your company today,:) thank you.

    2. -Elvis-


      the good side ? you want to join @DJ_Sukoi :D

    3. DJ_Sukoi


      @Elvis | Tango owner Im alright, not really a company person, however good people are hard to come by on MP. 

  9. I had a great laugh today on the forms, thanks guys :)

    1. ScaniaFan89


      Whats happened now, i sense some sarcasm in that statement :P


      Also watch your editing, you always go overkill ( just cos you can don't mean you should ). If people start going OTT they will change it again.

    2. DJ_Sukoi


      @ScaniaFan89 Man if only u knew, lets just say its starts with a V and ends with a A. (Relax mods, its just a playfull joke :))

      And im fine homie, its just 2 more bars then normal. Thats all i swear lol ;):edgy: 

    3. ScaniaFan89


      You mean its 2 of everything, i can see it clearly! Just realised what your name says " DJ Suck On It " Haha good one 

  10. lol yep, just wait a bit. It can happen to take a while on these larger then normal updates.
  11. my life is complete, i made it boi's. I finally made EDITOR'S PICK! 

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