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  1. I seen a poll made by a person over in Suggestions and a admin went and not only blocked it for not following the stupid etiquette for making a suggestion but he put it in the trash. The poll showed there was a 76% majority who wanted things to go back to the old ways, and Most played the EU #2 server. Says a lot about admins voice on the majority of said poll.
  2. I saw nothing wrong with the old way as I could do up to 80 mph with a load on and go really fast when going to my next load bob tailing or at a speed I felt comfortable with pulling an empty trailer. This new way goes against everything real truckers liked. I also don't see how this will stop the trollers as a troll is just there to make your gaming experience unenjoyable and gets his kicks from you yelling at him on the CB or reporting him. Eventually yes he will get perma banned but because of the way the game recognizes an account that said troller will just create another account and go back to doing what he does best. I made my peace.
  3. I have no opinion on this topic but SCS and TMP need to fix the grades of some of these switch backs as a lot of Heavy hauls such as the Log Loader get stuck very easily in both the main and hidden area ramps these grades are too steep for logging roads. I live in a state that is littered with hilly logging roads and no low bed would ever make it on grades as these are suggesting as they would get hung up like they do in game.
  4. I understand from people who play ETS2 that once version dropped for them that TMP had them playing again within 2 hours of the issue. Why is it always taking so much longer for ATS fixes? We have had this up date for almost a day and still no ability to get back on? Just wish SCS wouldn't force this crap onto us is all. My steam was setup to ask me to update when I wished it to and it did the opposite. I really hate SP.
  5. We need a barrier setup to keep double and triple trailers such as Insulated, Dry, and Reefer Boxes as well as other non-essential trailers off the logging road as it causes issues. If they try it kicks the troublemakers to single player or a repair facility.
  6. I love driving on MP with my friends and VTC and Single player blows. How much longer since Washington and 1.35 are out now. We are dying in single player jail.
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