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  1. I kinda have to agree with what Santi Claus is saying. Why add the winter mod but remove the physics add-on. That is the whole simulation experience. You wanted us to drive and simulate yet you pull a key part of simulating. Snowflakes must have complained cause a driver couldn't recover from a slide and collided with them.
  2. Seems like everytime we get a micropatch, DLC, or Normal patch TMP is slow to respond cause the Dev team is behind the ball. has been out since 12 pm EST yet TMP is not prepared to support it yet. This gets tiring after awhile. Most companies that act like TMP is right now with financial backers like Patreon supporters go down the toilet cause the finances get pulled for a faster project.
  3. If this guy is so over worked why make us have to wait longer for an update considering 1.39 drops on September 29th that is 2 updates they are behind on and soon to be 3. Also they might not be the only kids on the block here soon. In a year or so SCS is thinking of pushing these guys out of their little niche they got. If that happens I will go with whomever can keep their stuff updated the quickest. Sorry but ever since Washington these guys have been falling behind further and further. I also see Patreon supporters wondering why they should keep these servers and content going if they can'
  4. Patience is waiting and it coming out on time. We were told End of August or Early September. It is now September 10th and no Idaho and 1.38. Tired of driving the same old routes and getting burnt out. Same goes for most of the people in my VTC. We are trying to keep people active yet can't when the new content is taking too long to put in here. Time to expand the development team IMO if you can't keep up with SCS's new schedule.
  5. I just read your blog and this is BS. I had a friend who does programming and is still going to school to keep up to date get turned down by you guys to the point he told you to pound sand. Sounds like your too proud to admit you need the help to keep this going smooth and not take so long. As this game progresses do you realize that SCS is gonna just add more complicated stuff?
  6. Its still loaded onto the hard drive of the computer my wife is using. Played that for hours.
  7. Are you gonna be giving us these things anytime soon? It takes almost a month before we see anything out of the group as of late I can remember when these things would be done as soon as it came out.
  8. I find it a coincidence that two totally different players with Twitch Tv in their names got harassed in a 24 hour period. My Twitch Friend who was streaming was able to do the web reporting thing but due to me not streaming I was not able to get video footage of two drivers of hispanic nationality blocking me and another driver, causing unnecessary accidents and damaging loads. Then because they were doing this they were laughing and joking about it on the CB. Getting tired of it when traveling to California and Arizona during the evening. Plus they didn't do it once it was done 3 times befor
  9. I did that already Syln and unfortunately never heard if action was taken cause it probably timed out. My HD space is limited and recording every trip would take up said space as I do 9-10 trips a day some going 2000+ miles.
  10. I just found out that in order for me to make sure a person who has committed an infraction gets punished and that a report gets to a moderator I now gotta submit a web report. Why aren't there a lot of moderators in ATS like there used to be? Bad enough I got a small window of opportunity to report them the old way now I either gotta get a clip from a live stream or screen shot with the persons name committing the offense? There isn't enough time when this happens and get off the road to prevent blocking. Why not just hire more ATS players to do it? I offer to do so if its what its gonna take
  11. Twitch.tv/Ktigris2


    The only thing that is bugging me is the changes they have made in the new update. Why are triple trailers and truck deliveries kicking people off MP? These are legal under sized loads. One downfall of having a development team from another country who do not understand what is what in another country. Also why do the trucks not at least puff a bit of smoke when taking off from a dead stop? They still put out some smoke emissions still.
  12. I seen a poll made by a person over in Suggestions and a admin went and not only blocked it for not following the stupid etiquette for making a suggestion but he put it in the trash. The poll showed there was a 76% majority who wanted things to go back to the old ways, and Most played the EU #2 server. Says a lot about admins voice on the majority of said poll.
  13. We need a barrier setup to keep double and triple trailers such as Insulated, Dry, and Reefer Boxes as well as other non-essential trailers off the logging road as it causes issues. If they try it kicks the troublemakers to single player or a repair facility.
  14. I love driving on MP with my friends and VTC and Single player blows. How much longer since Washington and 1.35 are out now. We are dying in single player jail.
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