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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. .Rhys.


      Thank you!

    2. Makino Club-Chic

      Makino Club-Chic

      You are welocme!

  2. Bit of fun, however, im missing my reshade...



  3. When you want to come back, but its hard because of work... Trying to get there, I miss the old days

    1. [ConSecGroup] Arcticwolf

      [ConSecGroup] Arcticwolf

      Yep this year i got to get my activity up again on forum and in game. 

  4. .Rhys.

    New to Discord?

    Updated the guide. New images (Fonts) New URLs Cleaner Sections Removed no longer active URL's/Discord owned servers
  5. The sun rise be looking nice, if I do say so myself 🥰



  6. I know its single player but whatever 😛



    1. Syna


      Nothing wrong with a Singleplayer screenshot! Wonderful photo! ❤️

  7. New signature, made by myself 🥰

    Simple is always the way to go 😉


  8. I'm back, better than ever. New banner, new profile picture, and soon to come, more other things 😜

  9. Long time no see TMP 😛

    1. AmiriM#4530


      Nice to have you back :)

  10. Just want to say that I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas this year 🥰🎄

  11. I wonder how my old mate EnLight is doing. So long since we last talked :( 




    1. Fezz98


      I mean, you could always pop up and ask him :D

    2. .Rhys.


      I have :( No response, been offline for ages

    3. Fezz98


      Awww I'm sure there's a reason why.


  12. .Rhys.

    New to Discord?

    @Shadow_free Awesome! Thats the amazing thing with pre-made discord bots and pre-hosted discord bots such as Mee6. No coding, no hosting, all free, simply amazing. I've coded multiple discord bots with all types of different systems. Took a while to learn, but its actually quite simple. If you want to start learning how to code discord bots, there are loads of tutorials on youtube. I use "Discord.JS" which is widely used for 80% of discord bots, the other 20% are quite harder to learn. There is a piece of software on Steam called "Discord Bot Maker", I haven't personally used it so I cant say if its good or bad, but im my opinion its the wrong way to go for custom bots. Reasoning why I say that is because you don't learn what the code does, so you would have no idea how to fix a problem, and few other reasons. Discord.JS Website > https://discord.js.org Discord.JS Tutorial
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