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  4. Suggestion Name: Patreon wall of fame Ordering Suggestion Description: Patreon wall of fame should have some kind of organisation listing to it wether it would be "Alphabetical, Total Pledge, Current Pledge" Any example images: none Why should it be added?: i think it would clean up the page a little bit and make it look cleaner, also being able to scroll through and look at other patreon supporters and there pledges etc
  5. Suggestion Name: Multimon Config / Adaption / Support / Resolution Suggestion Description: Adding the multi-mon Support is a great idea as i know im not the only one who uses more than a single monitor. The issue is currently anyone running with a multi-mon (not sure about £+ has a name bug where the names are displayed in incorrect locations that are not relevant to the players truck) Any example images: https://imgur.com/p8Lfggn (Video) https://imgur.com/eYlR3Au (Video) https://imgur.com/7p2kYZi (Video) As you can see that in these 3 videos the names are not displayed in th
  6. I think that an in-game VTC Manager should be added to TMP it would work Similar to the TAB button and bring up an overlay. except this would be a VTC Management window with different options and also a variety of things to do within the VTC that would be accessible by all VTC members including drivers! Now whilst this could have many options added to it (during future updates) this would be VTC friendly by allowing many things to happen! How to prevent abuse of this system: ONLY VERIFIED VTCs SHOULD HAVE ACCESS VTC Staff manager system (VTC Ranking system run
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