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  1. The sun rise be looking nice, if I do say so myself 🥰



  2. I know its single player but whatever 😛



    1. Syna


      Nothing wrong with a Singleplayer screenshot! Wonderful photo! ❤️

  3. New signature, made by myself 🥰

    Simple is always the way to go 😉


  4. I'm back, better than ever. New banner, new profile picture, and soon to come, more other things 😜

  5. Long time no see TMP 😛

    1. AmiriM#4530


      Nice to have you back :)

  6. Just want to say that I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas this year 🥰🎄

  7. I wonder how my old mate EnLight is doing. So long since we last talked :( 




    1. Fezz98


      I mean, you could always pop up and ask him :D

    2. .Rhys.


      I have :( No response, been offline for ages

    3. Fezz98


      Awww I'm sure there's a reason why.


  8. .Rhys.

    New to Discord?

    @Shadow_free Awesome! Thats the amazing thing with pre-made discord bots and pre-hosted discord bots such as Mee6. No coding, no hosting, all free, simply amazing. I've coded multiple discord bots with all types of different systems. Took a while to learn, but its actually quite simple. If you want to start learning how to code discord bots, there are loads of tutorials on youtube. I use "Discord.JS" which is widely used for 80% of discord bots, the other 20% are quite harder to learn. There is a piece of software on Steam called "Discord Bot Maker", I haven't personally used it so I cant
  9. .Rhys.

    New to Discord?

    @Shadow_free Yes you can. There are thousands of discord bots online and active with all the different types that you need. Go to this website (https://top.gg/) and find the correct bot for your needs! Note, I don't own this website. Here are two that I suggest Mee6: https://mee6.xyz/ Dyno: https://dyno.gg/ Both of the bots above are amazing, but can be quite difficult to first use (Youtube is your friend, look at tutorials). They have everything that you need for a safe, secure and friendly discord server. The TruckersMP bot is not open for you to use in your own server (T
  10. As you may heard last night, ICE Logistics sadly came to a close. It was an amazing VTC to be part of :( If you have any pictures/videos of ICE Logistics, then do please send them to me via discord to be featured in the end video. https://discord.gg/CTdPfdb 

    Thank you

  11. New profile picture, any thoughts?? 

  12. Recruitment Open Recruitment for ICE Logistics as a driver, or convoy controller is open. Please visit our website linked below and also our discord server to become a part of the team. Discord: https://discord.gg/M53kWRA Website: https://ice-logistics-vtc.cf/apply-now/
  13. 13/07/19 - Update 7:44PM (UK TIME) Post updated due to large image bug.
  14. ICE Logistics is a ETS2 and ATS VTC, providing a happy place to work with the best team in the VTC community. Our development team always providing up to date websites, software, mods and more. We host public weekly convoys through the base and through DLC maps, so there's never an area that we're missing out on. Like every other VTC, we have all the essentials, custom drivers hub, custom mods, custom software, and of course, a friendly team. Our management team are always on top of everything we do, that goes from running the VTC, organising official and
  15. .Rhys.

    Lower FPS

    Hello @Roelvink! I experience this too, its when you go near a populated area. When in range of other players, TMP starts to import all the models into your game, you cant see them due to your distance, but they are there, causing the game to lower in FPS. The best thing you can do which you done already is lower your quality settings, or even use gamemode provided in Windows 10, Avast (In the Avast Anti-Virus software) or GeForce Experience (If your using a NVIDIA GeForce GPU). Another thing you can do is go to your TMP settings in game (Tab > Right click > Gameplay (I think) >
  16. As a ex VTC owner, I can list everything that you need. Start - Fairly new (Just think of one thing, simple) - A name (According to TMP rules it cant be a real trucking company name, so make one yourself, for example, using your username I can make Bravo12 Transportation) - A website (Doesn't have to paid for, just use something like wix or weebly. If you do want to go bigger, then get a custom domain, and a custom website coded in PHP (PHP is better due to so many open possibilities)) - A paintjob (To be used in TMP, it needs to be a base game paintjob, in singleplayer, you can use a s
  17. New profile picture, any thoughts/suggestions?? :wub:

  18. @Aleksa_Djordjic I knew that but they all look quite bad compared to the paid ones. With the one you said, imma try it out. No harm in trying. And I said "doesn't give many UI looks", I never said that you cant get UI looks
  19. Hello, Well, to do this you maybe want to use C# with some type of PHP login verification. However, C# doesn't give many UI looks, unless your gonna spend £400+ on bunifu framework. Then once you have the login done, you want it to show the dashboard form, with all the fancy buttons and maybe the FunBit Telemetry server details, with possibly discord rich presence (just because). However, if your wanting to go more extreme, then use ETCars, ETCars doesn't need a external server unlike FunBit Telemetry, however you can find a way to implement the server into the tracker it self (Which I have
  20. Hello! I have created my own map (https://ice-logistics-vtc.cf/map/). What you can do is get the VTLog map which runs in HTML and JavaScript so PHP isn't required for that part. However, if your wanting to use the map for VTC driver's. Then make the tracker send a POST to a MySQL database every 5 seconds with the location numbers. Then use PHP to output the MySQL table in a json format of which then the map can read. However, when the player isn't online, the dots will still show unless you do make it so it doesn't output the row that the offline player is in. Its really confusing wh
  21. Hello :thisisfine:



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      Thanks mate :wub:

  22. HTML CSS PHP C++ C# Java (& JavaScript) VB Batch (lol)
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