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  1. I think I am going to have to start playing with ETS2map.com open on my second monitor with it set to follow my truck until another way is hopefully added to counteract this issue. But even then I must be quick to get the name as their ID will be useless if they do indeed leave the game instead of loading a save.
  2. Recently on more than one occasion I have been victim to rammers that ram and immediately log off making it impossible for me to file a report as it's impossible to see usernames and player ID in the wing mirrors. This is the worst tactic being used by trolls and I have noticed it being used more frequently on myself and others and I really hope something can be done that enables username and ID to be visible in wing mirrors. I have put forward a suggestion in that forum section but I am curious to know if anyone else has experienced this despicable behaviour. I have a video showcasing it and just how frustrating it is since you don't expect to be randomly rammed by the time you react the rammer has already left without a trace. Has anyone else found themselves victim to this scummy behaviour?
  3. Suggestion Name: Wing Mirrors show player usernames and ID's Suggestion Description: When in the cab of your truck it is impossible to identify other trucks coming up behind you, if this truck breaks a rule and immediately exits the game they can go unpunished even if you have a recording, It should be possible for us to identify the name and player ID of trucks in our trucks wing mirrors so we know exactly who is who if any problems with this player arise. Any example images: Here is a video showcasing an issue I have seen a few times and been victim of myself, trolls will ram a truck and immediately exit the game making it impossible to file a report as the player can not be identified due to no visible name or player ID on your recording. Why should it be added?: It it very easy for trolls to get away with rule breaking if they do what is demonstrated in my video, having the ability to see other players names and player ID in the wing mirrors of your truck will allow these rule breakers to be punished accordingly. I have noticed a few times rammers exiting the game immediately after doing it and bypassing any punishment for the offence. If we are able to see names and ID's in our mirrors while driving our trucks it will allow us to provide a valid argument with evidence of the offence so these trolls will not go unpunished.
  4. great news, I always make sure tuning in to TFM is one of the first things I do when joining a server, keep up the good work!
  5. I am one of those rare drivers that never speeds, if a speed limit is 60kph outside a city I will be going that speed regardless, trailer or no. I have kinda gotten used to being overtaken by everyone since I see more people speeding and jumping red lights than joining me in a safe leisurely realistic drive keeping in with the spirit of simulation. But as all online games go there will always be those that set on about ruining fun and just being a pain in the backside for everyone trying to drive realistically. I have been rammed by such people on many occasions but they always end up banned eventually. But the issue will never end, for every one troll banned another will sign up and the vicious cycle continues. You just need to grit your teeth, make sure you record gameplay and file reports to help the game moderation team keep their numbers down.
  6. I was driving at 90kph in the right most lane in I can't remember where (France somewhere I think) when all of a sudden out of my left side mirror I saw a car coming up at a ridiculously high speed and the road was approaching a bend, I instantly knew that car was not making that turn and past he went straight into the barrier and catapulted over the central reservation and unluckily into an oncoming truck going in the other direction who due to the intensity of the impact also sent him flying onto his side. It was sheer insanity and sadly was before I started recording gameplay so I never got the chance to document it, but that was the craziest car encounter I can recall.
  7. Here is my earliest experience I have a picture of from May 2017. First time playing I found myself on the Calais - Duisburg road before I learned just how busy that road gets lol, making the step up from playing with AI traffic to having to deal with this was a sheer delight to behold. I can still hear the road rage on mic and the blasting of air horns to this day I still frequent this road today and nothing has really changed.
  8. I'm loving the Renault T right now. I would says thats my new favourite.
  9. I never do ingame reports, I gather evidence and recordings and proceed to file reports via the website, makes it much more easier for the moderation team to handle it.
  10. I always drive as realistically as possible, so yes I always check my mirrors and both ways every time I am turning or changing lanes.
  11. Hello! my real name is Amy and I'm from England. I found out about TruckersMP back in 2017 whilst looking for single player mods and saw some mention they don't work with multiplayer, I didn't even know multiplayer was a realistic possibility for ETS2 so I curiously googled about it and found TruckersMP and very glad I did, since I don't play single player anymore Outside of TruckersMP I play a lot of other games since gaming is something I enjoy a lot. I also put a lot of time into music production since music is my passion since I got my first instrument at 6 and now can play multiple instruments with piano being my most proficient, I hope to finish some music sometime soon but it is very time consuming. I also have a pet rabbit named Muffin who I love dearly. some of my interests include: Music, Gaming, Disney, Dancing, Horse Riding.
  12. Bunni = because my favourite animals are rabbits and all my online names have Bun in them. Gal = stylised form of girl because well I'm a girl. and I'm nowhere near 40 lol, very early 20s
  13. I have been using REC recently and im the safest driver you will meet, I just let others know I am recording and will report if you break rules.
  14. I love the new rules, been one to always follow speed limits even creeping along at 60kph in some places, love to see it being enforced so more drive realistically.
  15. ETS2 since I'm European and feel more at home than driving in America. Also ETS2 has way more content, bigger map and more to see and do so theres that too.
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