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  1. Suggestion Name: Wing Mirrors show player usernames and ID's Suggestion Description: When in the cab of your truck it is impossible to identify other trucks coming up behind you, if this truck breaks a rule and immediately exits the game they can go unpunished even if you have a recording, It should be possible for us to identify the name and player ID of trucks in our trucks wing mirrors so we know exactly who is who if any problems with this player arise. Any example images: Here is a video showcasing an issue I have seen a few times and been victim of myself, trolls will ram a truck and immediately exit the game making it impossible to file a report as the player can not be identified due to no visible name or player ID on your recording. Why should it be added?: It it very easy for trolls to get away with rule breaking if they do what is demonstrated in my video, having the ability to see other players names and player ID in the wing mirrors of your truck will allow these rule breakers to be punished accordingly. I have noticed a few times rammers exiting the game immediately after doing it and bypassing any punishment for the offence. If we are able to see names and ID's in our mirrors while driving our trucks it will allow us to provide a valid argument with evidence of the offence so these trolls will not go unpunished.
  2. TruckersMP has given me the chance to meet and drive with people from all over the world. I have been actively trucking on TruckersMP for over 2 years and hardly ever play single player anymore. The immersion TruckersMP offers is phenomenal and a truck load of fun!
  3. thank you I have learned how to use geforce experience to record.
  4. I want to record my gameplay so I have evidence of rule breaking for reports as it happens a lot to me and my reports always run out after 10 minutes and I don't have the proof for web reports. I only know how to record video to my pc but if I did that my hard drive would die because of how big all the video files would be and I am sure people dont do this when they record their gameplay. what is the way people use to record their gameplay?
  5. I don't know somebody wouldn't have the DLC, its amazing. but yep +1 if its possible to do.
  6. hello, I'm new to TruckersMP and I got a question before I begin playing multiplayer. I currently have mods for my singleplayer save and I am wondering what mods from the ones I use are supported by TruckersMP? or is it recommended to just disable them all and use a new clean save file for multiplayer? thanks.
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