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  1. Hello! my real name is Amy and I'm from England. I found out about TruckersMP back in 2017 whilst looking for single player mods and saw some mention they don't work with multiplayer, I didn't even know multiplayer was a realistic possibility for ETS2 so I curiously googled about it and found TruckersMP and very glad I did, since I don't play single player anymore Outside of TruckersMP I play a lot of other games since gaming is something I enjoy a lot. I also put a lot of time into music production since music is my passion since I got my first instrument at 6 and now can play multiple instruments with piano being my most proficient, I hope to finish some music sometime soon but it is very time consuming. I also have a pet rabbit named Muffin who I love dearly. some of my interests include: Music, Gaming, Disney, Dancing, Horse Riding.
  2. call me insane but I like to drive around Calais area, I like the heavy traffic much more fun than quiet roads with the occasional truck passing by.
  3. Bunni = because my favourite animals are rabbits and all my online names have Bun in them. Gal = stylised form of girl because well I'm a girl. and I'm nowhere near 40 lol, very early 20s
  4. I have been using REC recently and im the safest driver you will meet, I just let others know I am recording and will report if you break rules.
  5. I love the new rules, been one to always follow speed limits even creeping along at 60kph in some places, love to see it being enforced so more drive realistically.
  6. ETS2 since I'm European and feel more at home than driving in America. Also ETS2 has way more content, bigger map and more to see and do so theres that too.
  7. its the best driving simulator and I find it both fun and relaxing and driving with real people on multiplayer can't be beat.
  8. TruckersFM most of the time.
  9. I normally drive slow enough so other trucks can overtake me without any difficulty anyway.
  10. I would like to see more roads and cities added to UK.
  11. TruckersMP has given me the chance to meet and drive with people from all over the world. I have been actively trucking on TruckersMP for over 2 years and hardly ever play single player anymore. The immersion TruckersMP offers is phenomenal and a truck load of fun!
  12. All my trucks are pink in different styles. I love pink its so bright and cheerful Will try to get some pictures when I'm playing to post.
  13. I just stick to having pink trucks. All my trucks are pink in different styles.
  14. I would prefer quieter roads over being rammed and insulted by those that only care about ruining the experience for other players.
  15. I drive as realistically as possible. I stick to speed limits and stop at every red light regardless of nobody being around or not.
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