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  1. I have now transferred the TMP to the official online. When there was no TMP, I wanted to have an official online for a long time.
  2. @ManuMarSchHow to get the role of community contribution?
  3. I want to ask, I accidentally found three players with green names and one with blue names when I was playing the game today. What position did they hold and how did they get it?
  4. I need to reopen the topic post. The problem has not been solved

  5. 好的谢谢你了。 @Wallace_TMP谢谢你的解答
  6. This update is very good, congratulations to the TruckersMP development team
  7. I installed it on the side of the truck. My button is the system default n
  8. thank you for your reply. i have solved this problem after use english . but i still wish to use others languages as soon as possible
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