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  1. It can be called the official change to the previous yellow pilot skin that can only be used by the team captain.
  2. I like Chinese skin. There is a Chinese patron saint, a brave and invincible dragon that shakes the world!
  3. I am very excited about this DLC and the screenshots released by SCS are very promising. What I see is that each DLC is constantly improving, and since the road to the Black Sea has been very detailed, I hope there are many details and special road structures in the Iberian DLC. Fingers crossed, it will be released soon.
  4. Hello everyone, I am from China, this team has been in 19 years from 17 years, I am a captain! Sorry, a team is dissolved! Sorry, I can't bear to give up, there is no way for your career! Helpless retire! I can only have time to run with everyone, although the team is gone, always live in my heart! There is no destruction, the TRV Thunder team will never fall!

    1. China-Mu.Mu  *(D.S -Team

      China-Mu.Mu *(D.S -Team

      China🇨🇳 friends, I don't know how to comfort you and your team. No one wants to disband any team with ambition and ideals, but there's no way. You have to accept this reality. If you want to play, I'll be with you at any time at 21:00 p.m. Beijing time. Come on, China 🇨🇳 (thunder team)。


      My name is mu mu

    2. FL Command Center

      FL Command Center


    3. China-Mu.Mu  *(D.S -Team
  5. I am accustomed to this suggestion, which solved the cargo damage problem, and someone else deliberately hit your container! ok +1
  6. 我希望政府能够重建英国,扩大北欧隧道,并继续扩大东欧!
  7. My suggestion is to assign high-quality vehicles to highly skilled drivers, and standard equipment to ordinary drivers, saving the company's expenses!
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