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  1. Suggestion Name: No auto kick because of being AFK when server is not full of players Suggestion Description: You only get AFK kicked when players are in queue. Any example images: - Why should it be added? Because it does not make sense to get kicked when there are still enough free spots for players to come in. Also it saves time as you do not have to restart the game again. So I suggest only to get kicked when players want to join and the server is full of players. If already suggested before please delete it, thanks.
  2. I used a Xenon mod and an interior mod for my Mercedes Actros and I have to say without mods it doesn´t make that fun anymore. I can´t imagine these kind of mods could cause crashes or lags to other players. I am disappointed it´s not allowed anymore and wish it would be allowed again.
  3. @White Wolf. You´re absolutely right. I still can´t imagine how a painted interior or a custom made xenon light could crash another player´s game, as it´s just a local mod. That doesn´t make sense at all. So either removing all mods or Nothing.
  4. Unfortunately yes, tried it many times. As soon as you have one modification with "/home/" you get kicked immediately. (the strange thing about it: It says "detected trailer modification" although it belongs to my truck )
  5. I also edited my truck with xenon lights and some other local mods. Nobody else can see that, so why should that be a problem for other players? @TMP-Team: Please think about it again, whether this is really necessary. In my mind it definetely isn´t. I got used to have these mods and now the game experience is a lot worse without local mods in my opinion.
  6. Everytime I want to join it says "you have been kicked because: detected modified trailer accessories. Disable modifications." So I sold all of my trailers to be sure and disabled all modifications in the manager but still no success. Does anybody else have the same problem?
  7. RacerRyder

    New Game Mode

    Really glad to see this. I was Always hoping for a mode like this and now it will be available soon. Thanks a lot!
  8. Very nice guide, you spent a lot of time in it. But there´s one little mistake I found: Trucks are not allowed to drive 80 km/h on county roads. They´re only allowed to drive 60 km/h. Btw: Buses are allowed to drive 80 km/h.
  9. In my Opinion Omsi 2 is (at least for now) the best bus simulator. Fernbus Simulator is not a bad game but the behaviour of the buses is definetely not realistic. In Omsi 2 the buses drive more realistic, also there are much more different buses and maps which you can download for free. My suggestion definetely goes to Omsi 2
  10. Banned because you banned someone because there is no way to stop spamming the topic with bans.
  11. Thanks for your answer, but I am bit confused about the lights, because these spots near the headlights are original from SCS under the name "f_intake_chs". Here´s a photo of what I mean: You can see all the spots that I can choose from. And this option comes with the DAF DLC. It´s just hidden in the files (don´t know why). I hope you Can understand why I am a bit confused now, because actually this is an original SCS modification.
  12. Cool sofern ich Zeit habe, bin ich dabei
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