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  1. Kap

    Polski Team TruckersMP

    [Trial Support] @Kid Fabi awansuje na Full Support.
  2. Kap

    Niewłaściwa tekstura znaku drogowego

    Błąd dla twórców gry, SCS Software. Można to zgłosić na ich mediach, np. forum .
  3. Kap

    VIP - Wirtualna spedycja

    Zatwierdzam! Witamy na forum
  4. Jak napisane wyżej, sugestia dla twórców gry, SCS software. Taką sugestie można napisać u nich na forum.
  5. Dear players, It has been almost a year since the closure of the Translation Team. With the tasks rising within the team, efficiency and utilisation practises were needed. With this in mind we have decided to relaunch the team, with new tasks, management and resources. We believe this will help with how the procedures are carried out within the TruckersMP team, but also we hope this addition will benefit the community. We hope all future announcements, blogs and assets are translated into various languages ensuring everyone in the community understands what is happening within TruckersMP. With the relaunch, there is an opportunity to join the mentioned team! More information will follow shortly. Kind regards, TruckersMP Team.
  6. Kap

    Polski Team TruckersMP

    [Game Moderator] @BoSsik2 awansuje na Translation Manager. Powodzenia w nowej roli!
  7. Kap

    Polski Team TruckersMP

    [Player] @Kid Fabi dołącza do Teamu jako Trial Support.
  8. Kap

    Asian server transmitter

    Declined. Asian servers were not profitable enough. They costed money however were empty most of the time, it wasn't beneficial to keep them. Might change in the future.
  9. Kap

    accessories only for you

    Local mods are not allowed, they cause many client crashes for people around the initial player.
  10. Kap

    permanent id of truckersmp in multiplayer

    Declined. That would require the server to have 2.5+ million slots to make sure everyone could connect, additionally new registered users would have ID's like 2500000. Not to mention technical difiiculties and obligations.
  11. Kap

    Polski Team TruckersMP

    [Player] @KOZIK wraca do Teamu jako Game Moderator (Observer)