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  1. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, Since Germany is located in Middle Europe, it is the middle of the map. A lot truckers have to cross Germany to reach their destination. I want to quickly provide a few common things, not every trucker knows, because Germany has one of the most developed street systems worldwide, even without having speedlimits on some points (no don't hope, for trucks there is always a speed limit ) So first of all, I want to quickly start with the sign everyone sees, when he enters Germany. <- shows speed limits for cars outside, i
  2. I am sorry but the way you are asking is a bit ununderstandable. Could you please repeat it in a descriptive way? That would be nice and better for us to understand. Since you are asking about the server time, I will try to explain a few things. The server is providing a synced time, so every player on the map has the same time and the same weather. I don't know much about the weather system and if everyone, from GB to Romania, has same weather and time but I think that would be more difficult since SCS isnt even providing that. Nevertheless those things are synced and one hour should be 15 mi
  3. I just want to emphasise again, that people with less skill shouldn't try to overclock their CPUs. You need to supervise the conduct of your cooling system first to avoid your pc burnint down (No tbh your pc should be young enough to avoid that by himself but high temperature is not good and lowers the power of cpu and gpu. So people if you don't have the knowledgebase, dont dare to try it. It can crash your pc DoritosPowers
  4. This seems to be a problem in the files of your truckersmp launcher. To fix this problem, I would suggest you delete cache files in your AppData folders or you reinstall the full launcher by going to your program list and clicking uninstall and after that install by executing the installation program. To prevent your pc getting this issue again, I would say you disable your firewall and your anti virus program to make your pc downloading it correctly. DoritosPowers
  5. In my opinion, the warning when you drive without any light should be better formatted. A warning in form of a picture is a good idea but to be honest, a warning in form of a sound would be a bit better than a picture. It can take your view away when your driving (yeah sometimes your engine turns off and you dont realise it in the 10 seconds. It would be a nice idea, to improve the warning for not driving with lights enabled. Only a 100kb sound would be enough to prevent people getting kicked without actually making them realise. But at the end you are talking about this issue and
  6. I know that this would be self explaining but did you use any program to modify your gamefiles i.E. Cheat Engine, which allows you to change your XP or other stats like money? If no, what kind of market did you use? You said parcel market, is this part of the new dlc? This bug could have a few reasons, I would suggest you go to SCS and see what they can do fpr you! Maybe it is a major bug, which needs to be fixed. But my suggested first steps would be reverifying your game files and deleting your profile to have a clean profile again! Sincerely yours
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