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  1. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, Since Germany is located in Middle Europe, it is the middle of the map. A lot truckers have to cross Germany to reach their destination. I want to quickly provide a few common things, not every trucker knows, because Germany has one of the most developed street systems worldwide, even without having speedlimits on some points (no don't hope, for trucks there is always a speed limit ) So first of all, I want to quickly start with the sign everyone sees, when he enters Germany. <- shows speed limits for cars outside, inside villages and on German "Autobahn" Important for us is, that this is car only. For trucks it is 50 inside cities, and outside, it depends on the weight of the truck. If it is between 3,5 and 7,5t, you are allowed to drive 80 on streets. On motorway, everyone, no matter what weight he has is only allowed to drive 80km/h. If he is allowed to drive 100 (needs 100 sign, signed by TÜV (German Law)) he can drive 100 but on motorways only! By the way, the blue sign with the 130 is not a speed limit, it is a speed you should drive. If you make mistakes or having accidents and you can't proof that this would also happen when you drive less than 130, then it is automatically your fault! Follow pictures are also important for you! - shows the speed limit, applies to every vehicle on the road, if not marked under it. - this sign can be under a speed limit, so this speed limit is now applying to trucks only! - general prohibition of over taking other vehicles. Permanent lines between both sides are also showing this kind of prohibition. - If you see this, you can cross the intersection. But keep in mind chapter #2 - A stop sign. A full stop is required to make sure, noone is coming from left or right. - You can slowly drive forward and make sure noones coming at the same time. If someone comes, a stop is required! You are still the second in queue! - A railway crosses the street, 3 stripe sign is 240 in front of the railway, the two stripe on 160m, the one stripe 80m! Chapter #2 with translation pyramide showing the chain of command in a street intersection! Blue is police, orange is traffic light, red is Sign and green is right before left Police - The police is the highest in chain of command. If police stands on traffic intersection and is ruling traffic, everyone has to listen to police, no matter what colour the traffic lights are showing. He can overrule the traffic light and every other rule! Traffic light - If there is no police officer, and the traffic lights are running, they are automatically the highest you have to listen to. If they show red, you have to stop. If they show green, you are allowed to drive. Sign - Sometimes, traffic lights are not working i.E. they are under construction, damaged or it is just night and the city wants to save energy, so they put it on orange. It will light just orange. You will be confronted with this in ETS since traffic lights are shutting down in the night. Now the signs are the highest. Watch chapter #1 for more information about signs. Right before left - If there is nothing enabled, no sign and no police, there will be right before left. It is an easy rule but mistakes can still be done. You won't be confronted since you cant pass lower populated city areas or small villages. They often have it on their streets. In this case, the Blue would be allowed to drive, since there is noone on the right side of him. Red has to let Blue pass first, because Blue is right next on the right side of Red. If Blue passed, Red is allowed to pass the intersection because since Blue passed, there is noone on the right side anymore. If red passed, green can also pass, because red is gone, so the right side is free for green. It sounds confusing but its pretty easy to learn! Chapter #3 Driving on the street and watching other traffic Overtaking on the rightest lane is forbidden except inside cities. Thats why you can't freely choose your lanes like you can do it inside cities. Outside of them, there is a law, which forces you to drive on the right side of the road to give others the possibility, overtaking you legally and safely. Always drive on the right lane, until you actually enter a city or overtaking someone. In the following pictures, you can see exceptions, when it is allowed, driving on other sides! - if someone enters the Autobahn, make sure you give him the space to enter it. Look in your mirror and go on the left lane to give him a legal possibility to enter the lane! - you entered a city. Left sign is letting you know, you entered and two right signs are letting you know, you left a city! - You overtake someone and you have to use the left lane! In case of a traffic jam, you should drive carefully. If you are on multiple lane roads, always form a way for emergency vehicles. To make it easy, the lane on the left side has to give space by driving close to the edge of the left side. All the other lanes have to drive right so between the first lane from left and the second from left is a space for emergency vehicles! Now other common things, you should watch... Its showing a circle. Do not rush into it. Watch for other traffic. You can join it without having indicator enabled but if you leave indicate your direction! - safe explaining, you enter a tunnel but switch on your lights! - shows, that all vehicles are forbidden. If there is a car inside, all vehicles as big as and bigger as a car are forbidden. If a truck the same thing with just truck! Now a general information. Do not use your bright lights when there is other traffic. In ETS2 your not blinding someone, but in real life, you are. So turn the bright lights off and just use the normal ones! And watch these signs, they are the most important for you! and btw dont forget the traffic lights! German Autobahn facts: - over 13000 kilometers long - connecting west, east, north and south (N, E, S, W) - Having an A for Autobahn and a count i.E. A420 (dont know if this excists) - Minimal speed limit is 60, if there is fog which disables visibility and you enable fog lights, you can only drive 50 so this is the only exception! Blue sign with two lanes and a bridge
  2. I am sorry but the way you are asking is a bit ununderstandable. Could you please repeat it in a descriptive way? That would be nice and better for us to understand. Since you are asking about the server time, I will try to explain a few things. The server is providing a synced time, so every player on the map has the same time and the same weather. I don't know much about the weather system and if everyone, from GB to Romania, has same weather and time but I think that would be more difficult since SCS isnt even providing that. Nevertheless those things are synced and one hour should be 15 minutes. When you go to a parking slot for a nap it won't skip the time, it is showing that it will skip but it doesnt, because would it be real if someone has day and others night? No it wouldnt If I am correct than I answered a bit. I hope so! DoritosPowers
  3. I just want to emphasise again, that people with less skill shouldn't try to overclock their CPUs. You need to supervise the conduct of your cooling system first to avoid your pc burnint down (No tbh your pc should be young enough to avoid that by himself but high temperature is not good and lowers the power of cpu and gpu. So people if you don't have the knowledgebase, dont dare to try it. It can crash your pc DoritosPowers
  4. This seems to be a problem in the files of your truckersmp launcher. To fix this problem, I would suggest you delete cache files in your AppData folders or you reinstall the full launcher by going to your program list and clicking uninstall and after that install by executing the installation program. To prevent your pc getting this issue again, I would say you disable your firewall and your anti virus program to make your pc downloading it correctly. DoritosPowers
  5. In my opinion, the warning when you drive without any light should be better formatted. A warning in form of a picture is a good idea but to be honest, a warning in form of a sound would be a bit better than a picture. It can take your view away when your driving (yeah sometimes your engine turns off and you dont realise it in the 10 seconds. It would be a nice idea, to improve the warning for not driving with lights enabled. Only a 100kb sound would be enough to prevent people getting kicked without actually making them realise. But at the end you are talking about this issue and thats good, because there is someone talking about a thing, which needs to be improved. So I personally give this sugesstion a yes but it should be given to a dev team or to a media team to see what method is höping more DoritosPowers
  6. I know that this would be self explaining but did you use any program to modify your gamefiles i.E. Cheat Engine, which allows you to change your XP or other stats like money? If no, what kind of market did you use? You said parcel market, is this part of the new dlc? This bug could have a few reasons, I would suggest you go to SCS and see what they can do fpr you! Maybe it is a major bug, which needs to be fixed. But my suggested first steps would be reverifying your game files and deleting your profile to have a clean profile again! Sincerely yours DoritosPowers
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