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  2. Difficult roads lead to unforgettable views😉


  3. cαlvín '

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    I will also apply for a fair game.
  4. Hello truck drivers game so TruckersMP I made it rainy and I was involved in an accident is it my fault? Or is there no fault on both sides in this case? what way should i go There is a video of the moment I was involved in the accident will i be banned
  5. @Dshoot Thank you for your help I didn't do all the steps you said, but after reinstalling the graphics and verifying the ETS2 files on steam, the problem is gone. if it persists i will try other solutions thanks thank you all for your answers
  6. While playing TruckersMP, the game closes after about 1 hour and does not give any error warnings etc. The game closes suddenly or when I get close to the city. however, when I enter the game and select a saved game, this problem disappears. sometimes it can be very annoying, the game closes, I re-enter it, it closes again in 2-3 minutes Is this problem with me or is it game related? -Calvin '
  7. Thank you for your follow ❤️

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