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  1. Krall geri dönlan geri.. 😑 ulan kuzi.. 

  2. Hello I do not understand this Prohibition because they came in front of me I was not the wrong one to appeal

    1. XFMaster9666


      Hello there 👋


      Please do not mention such cases on the forum because this is not a case to be discuss by the members. Please use the necessary channels (appeal system or feedback) for help. I'm locking this Status Update.


      Have you applied to the appeal system before? If you haven't applied, you can make use of the link below.




      If your appeal has not been answered for more than 3 days or if you still feel that your ban is unfair, please contact the feedback system. Please note that your tickets here will be handled by the upper staff members and this is your last change.




      Below you will find some useful information:



      Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, feel free to send Private Message. :)


      Sincerely, XFMaster9666

      Community Moderator



  3. Hello with Multiplaler what is there you cannot know will not start

  4. Dibine kadar hak ettin kardeşim :wub::wub: Hayırlı olsun canımm

    1. Arda.


      Cansın :wub:

  5. HerŞeyÇokGüzelOldu :):)

  6. I'm sorry to see you leave the team. Take good care of yourself and wait for you:(

  7. It is a pity that you left the TMP team.I hope you can come back soon.Good luck to you for the future。

  8. Sad to see you leave the team my friend and ex-colleague :(

    Best of luck for the future <3  

  9. Seninde ayrılmana üzüldüm kardeşim, Yolun açık olsun.En kısa sürede seni buralarda bekliyoruz! <3

    1. -Tomukas-


      Teşekkür ederim. 

    2. [Mega Trans] CrystaL
  10. Tüm Müslüman aleminin bayramı mübarek olsun :wub:


  11. Selamlar, Arkadaşında dediği gibi İngilizceniz en az orta düzeyde olmanız lazım yani B1 İngilizcesine sahip olmanız lazım en azından. İnsanlarla bir çok alanda iletişime gireceğinizden dolayı insanlara net ve anlaşılır cevaplar vermeniz gerekecek bazı durumlarda.
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