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  1. Happy Birthday Savage!!! :wub:

    1. Savage.


      Thank you!

  2. Have a nice day!!! <3

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Thanks bud, have a nice day as well ;)

    2. Silent Death_53

      Silent Death_53

      Have a nice day:wub:

  3. Happy Birthday


  4. I am back again!!! Long time with studies!!! :D:wub:

  5. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Kubuntu!!!! :wub:

  6. I miss Lorena* in TruckersMP, it's not the same without her :,c





    1. Japs_TMP


      Permanently banned


      We miss you Lorena*.

    2. Sireeni


      Why is lorena banned??

  7. Me when I can't put the Christmas tree well :c



  8. @Johnas2 Greetings! I invite you to contact upper staff if you want to know the reason. Also, being patient and a friendly player helps you making new friends in the community. Hope your question is solved.
  9. @Johnas2 Greetings! Devs probably are fixing issues.
  10. @Paige Greetings! Well if you crash with another user by accident and because of the lag I supose that nobody will be banned. Also in an accident, the one at the back has the responsability. Hope your questions is solved
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