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  1. Silent Death_53


    Most people love traffic, and that's why they're on the way to C-D. The number of players during the summer break will increase. And players do not get dlc.
  2. Silent Death_53

    Future DLCs, what would you like to see?

    "Turkey map DLC" and "VOLVO tuning package".
  3. Silent Death_53

    coca-cola trailer

    Hello There! Can be beautiful. But I don't know if TruckersMP can do this.
  4. Silent Death_53

    Speed Limiter

    Hello There! 150 km / h in my opinion is good. No need to reduce. There is no rule that you should go fast. You can go there if you want to have speed limited eu1 server. I am satisfied with 150 km / h, trolls are always troll. Reducing speed does not prevent them.
  5. Silent Death_53

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

  6. Hello There! depends on computer features. For example, I max. I'm using 60 fps. You can find it yourself.
  7. Silent Death_53

    Who wants vans?

    Hello There! I'm trying to get used to cars. ETS2 car for a different viewing angle^.^ .
  8. Hello There! useful topic! Comply with the rules!
  9. Silent Death_53

    Truck + Trailer Skinner Wanted

    Hello There! I can do that. ^^ Good luck to you!
  10. Silent Death_53

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    Hello There! A beautiful DLC. I would recommend.
  11. Silent Death_53


    They feel like a cop. I don't feel uncomfortable. But some of them turn off the road with the fake police vehicle. They act like. They're really disturbing.