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    I love to play and watch hockey. My favourite NHL team is Columbus Blue Jackets. I love to play video games to. My favourite games are ETS Online, NHL, CS:GO.
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    France: Calais
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    Finnish, Swedish, English, Little bit Russian, Estonia.

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  1. My list - NHL 19 - GTA 5 - CS:GO - Euro Truck Simulator (Online)
  2. Hip Hop, Rap, Modern Rock and Classic rock
  3. I have over 200 000 km on my account. I have 120 000 on my Scania
  4. Help ME. What do i need to do? 573864907_IMG_1996(1).jpg.c7a2da0dc4f6b80e6c7326d708030132.jpg

    1. Sireeni


      It says. Unsupported game verison detected


    2. Kehox


      Steam beta settings:

      ETS: temporary_1_33 - 1.33.x for unsupported mods


      Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2MP ) is currently not supporting the 1.34 patch

  5. I hope that TMP hits at least 3 million users (maybe 4). I love the TMP project It will be really sad if this Project falls. But i hope this is going to be a successful year.
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