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    I love to play and watch hockey. My favourite NHL team is Columbus Blue Jackets. I love to play video games to. My favourite games are ETS Online, NHL, CS:GO.
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  1. Sireeni

    How much would you sell this PC for?

    Maybe 350-550€?
  2. Sireeni

    How much kilometers driven you have ?

    I have over 200 000 km on my account. I have 120 000 on my Scania
  3. Sireeni

    What does everyone think about the new apex legends battle royale?

    Bad game. Not for me
  4. Sireeni

    New game mode (an apology)

  5. Help ME. What do i need to do? 573864907_IMG_1996(1).jpg.c7a2da0dc4f6b80e6c7326d708030132.jpg

    1. Sireeni


      It says. Unsupported game verison detected


    2. [VIVA] Kehox

      [VIVA] Kehox

      Steam beta settings:

      ETS: temporary_1_33 - 1.33.x for unsupported mods


      Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2MP ) is currently not supporting the 1.34 patch

  6. Sireeni

    New to ETS2 Multiplayer? No problem! Come check here!

    Nice Guide for beginners. Great job
  7. Sireeni

    [Forum Game] 3 words story

    color was red
  8. I hope that TMP hits at least 3 million users (maybe 4). I love the TMP project It will be really sad if this Project falls. But i hope this is going to be a successful year.
  9. Sireeni

    Changes to the bans system

    I agree with you that the ban system should be more fair.
  10. Good Morning;)