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  1. Congratulations 🎉💥😊

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  3. Thanks for the follow 😊

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  5. I like to be able to see such different information on the forum, thank you for informing.
  6. Hello! @Budynkutzza First of all, I hope you are not talking about the speed limit of tmp, if you cannot exceed 110 km speed, this is a rule of tmp, if you have a problem other than that, you can solve this problem in the game settings. Best Regards TheKobra
  7. Scandinavia, which is definitely the best dlc in the game.
  8. Congrats! :HaulieLove:

    1. jstn


      edit: Sry did not want to answer here... xD

  9. Hi @*ACC* 134 jiu banban Have you tried it in another game or have you checked your settings via its software? Best Regards The Kobra
  10. Good luck in your life

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