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  1. Happy Birthdat My Friend :D 



    Decided to buy a CS:GO knife, hopefully the resell value doesn't drop anytime soon :P

  3. I think banning beacons all together is a little much, but on the C-D road it's definitely needed.
  4. ToRE1bZ.jpg

    A lot of fun at APL's 1 Year Anniversary Truckfest, saw @Penguin and some other familiar faces. Happy Birthday APL :D

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    2. Mirko9


      I confirmed that. 



      was that after @.::Cheetah::. parked you in a ditch

    4. Penguin


      No, @Kravaty, that was taken IN the ditch :D

  5. 69caSgB.jpg

    First time managing FSE's convoy control, hopefully it went well :P

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    2. NightOfTheWings


      @Chris.D nice picture you have is that orange truck a mod well it work on mp ? or just for sp :) 

    3. Chris.D


      @Devonracer02 it's a scania with the normal roof, and the Mighty Griffin DLC pack 

    4. NightOfTheWings


      @Chris.D woop silly me :) i thought it was new truck thing from the mod list but i have that DLC pack to 

  6. l9WIxBy.jpg

    Just got back from a tour of a corporate hangar, really cool to see some of my favorite aircraft in person.

  7. I've never tried promods, so I can't compare, but I probably should
  8. Those are the settings I use for ETS2. In the G920 software, I haven't changed anything. For some weird reason, my wheel turns completely to the left when I quickly turn.
  9. Right click on ETS2 in the steam library, go to properties, and then to betas. Use the drop down menu and select "temporary_1_25".
  10. 5b3a98y.jpg

    Just got all of the keys mapped for the G920, I still have to adjust the sensitivity and the force feedback 

    but I think I've got the hang of this ^_^

    1. Ediin


      When you fix it do you mind taking a picture of your settings? I'm having some trouble with mine where it gets completely unrealistic.

  11. ^ High beams also mean that you either have your headlights off, or your blinding the other driver with your own high beams, so sometimes I get confused. I think it has different meanings all around the world, but I used those examples since I live in the U.S. so it goes either way
  12. Chris.D

    Abuse of beacons

    Beacons are meant to draw attention, but when people put too many on, it becomes a distraction. No more than 3 beacons are needed imo, it just creates lag for some players and its basically like using a good tool in a bad way.
  13. Chris.D

    New states?

    I can imagine that more states are on their way, but as said above the re-scale is their priority, so let's be patient
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