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  1. Bonjour @Sambotte Bienvenue à toi sur le forum, nous sommes tous ravis de te venir en aide ! En effet, la simulation de fatigue est désactivée sur le multijoueur pour la simple et bonne raison que cela causerais beaucoup trop d'accidents "involontaire" ou "volontaire" ... Pour te rassurer, tu n'est pas le seul à te poser la question, d'ailleurs sur le forum une suggestion à été ouverte à se sujet. Allow fatigue simulation - Open for Discussion - TruckersMP Forum J'espère t'avoir aidé Bonne journée
  2. Hello @benlewis090 Welcome to the forum, thank you for joining us ! If you want to meet players to tread the bitumen together, you can join the discord of TMP, you will find I think more players https://discord.gg/truckersmp Best regards
  3. Thanks for the follow! :wow: 

  4. Hello @chudopilka First of all, i'd like to welcome you to the forum ! As i can see, you are currently online into the EU SIM 1 .. See the image below .. It seems that your problem has been solve. Please could you confirm ?
  5. Hello @StevesRetro First of all, i would like to welcome you to the forum, and we are happy to give you an helpfull answer ! If I understand your problem, and to sum up simply, you have a backup modded on ETS2 solo client and it don't appears into TMP after you loged-in .. To begin with, I want to inform you that TMP (truckersmp) does not take into account the mods, indeed. if you look at this topic : steam mods not working on ETS2 - Solved Topics - TruckersMP Forum You will see why mods are not supported. I can understand your d
  6. Hello guys
    Today i would like to celebrate birthdays :)


    @ErThuB [SWE]









    Happy birthdays guys !
    Enjoy ❤️ 🎂🥳🥳🥳

  7. Hello everyone

    We are celebrating birthday's today :) 






    @Reizen Play

    @serega [38 RUS]


    i wish you all a wonderfull day :)

  8. Hey @iiNory I can understand your disappointment, but it still makes sense. This would mean that TMP development team should ensure that each mod present is compatible with each player. Simply put, every player who doesn't have the mods would have to be able to see them, but without using them, or adjust the texture bugs that might cause, and it would be a long and tedious job. It's almost impossible to achieve. I think that this is the reason why mods are not allowed in TMP Exept the winter mod. More infos below: How to install
  9. Hey !
    How are you all today ?
    We are celebrating :

    @R3B00T [NL] 


    @T A S K Y


    @Niko (DK)




    Birthdays ! 🥳🥳🎂

    I'd like to welcome too our newest member to the forum :)


  10. Salut @nono_fgt, Bienvenue sur le support, merci ! Pour commencer, je tiens à te rassurer qu'il est totalement normal que le curseur de ta manette fasse déplacer le curseur de ta souris, c'est un moyen mis en place par le jeu pour t'éviter de revenir à ton clavier justement Ensuite, en ce qui concerne le fait que ton volant / curseur bouge tout seul ça arrive sur les vieilles manettes. Avant d'économiser pour m'acheter une nouvelle manette de XBOX One bluetooth pour jouer sur mon pc j'avais une vieille manette filaire de XBOX 360, et en effet, mes joysticks commença
  11. Hey ! This type of topic has already been solved in the past. You can find it with the link below .. steam mods not working on ETS2 - Solved Topics - TruckersMP Forum To avoid a long search I will quote the message of a person responsible of the support named @Beenz. Best regards
  12. Hello @LTRGauth15x Thx for contacting the support As you can probably imagine, an email usually takes no more than 5 minutes to reach your inbox. I advise you to make sure that the e-mail you have provided is correct. In addition, I invite you to look at the categories, "undesirable" "spam" "promotions" "social networks" because sometimes the emails are misdirected because of the spam filter of your mailbox, it can happen. If you use Gmail you can use the "see all the boxes" function that allows you to review all the emails you received, including spam.
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