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  1. Hello , could you please fix the UK version of car SCOUT . I'm here reporting a windscreen wipers bug . Thank you very much . Suggestion Name: Windscreen Wipers Malfunction Suggestion Description: UK's version Scout's wipers are moving but aren't wiping any water/rain off the windscreen + the turning radius is a bit small (on EU and UK model) and would be better for them to extend to the edge of the windscreen when operating and reach high-end-extended . Any example images: My low quality sample picture below Why should it be added?: Because it does not function at all *As seen on the picture below droplets at right and left side of the wiper exists , the wipers move but don't affect water* http://prntscr.com/ln4tij
  2. Hello dear friend , no i have no other issues what so ever . I'm really happy with the game and i got 399 hours on it (all on TruckersMP) . I have made the bug report as above mentioned and I'm waiting for answer . Thanks
  3. I will do so . Thank you very much .
  4. Hello , i recently found that the wipers on the UK version Scout vehicle move but dont clear the water of the windscreen . Could you please fix it ?
  5. Hello , first of all thank you for the topic . I would like to ask your recommendations . For my GEFORCE 810M (Acer Aspire E-5 511 ) what program would be better for lower performance affect ? Thanks in advance . Take care all of you .
  6. Hello , thanks to SCS we have new updates coming firing its best Maps,Trucks and Modifications THANK YOU SCS . Have a good night all of you
  7. Thank you gentlemen for your reply , I will try it and let the forum know Take care . Regards .
  8. Thank you for your reply I have already uninstall and re-install the MP mod and nothing happened ( even the ETS2 game from Steam ) . I don't understand how to downgrade my ETS2 and I have already try it with old " solutions " of other websites with result to get really deep in hell and struggling to keep my ETS2 working as it was ( with the error ) . Could you please inform me step by step what should I do ?( I'm not familiar with ETS2 or Steam ) . Thank you very much for your help and cooperation . Take care . All the best .
  9. Hello dear forum , I have a problem opening the ETS2 Multiplayer after the latest update ( 19/11/2016 ) . Every time I open MP it says : Unsupported game version detected . I look forward for a solution Thank you very much . Take care .
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