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  1. @k1v3n You need to play the game some more, that edge of the green zone is bothering me a lot. Automatic transmission in trucks in real life tries to shift as quick as possible, the aim is to drive in the highest gear for the speed at which u are at and when decelerating it tries to stay in the highest gear possible for the speed, that way you go thru gears quicker when accelerating, burn less fuel and put less strain on the engine. If possible 1300-1400rpm is the sweet spot, you'll never drop under 1000rpm, accelerating uphill is different story, just dont stall then. Plus up to 40kmh, trucks work just fine at 900rpm, so up to 40kmh, feel free to change at 1200rpm. I have a Man TGX 480 and i have consumption of 30.1l/100km on it, the rest of my trucks are at 32-34l/100km, so there is something to learn from me. Anyway, you can probably be considered as an above average simulation driver if you stick to the green, all i really wanted to say 1500 is kind of a limit on a normal road and if possible it is good to figure out the engine and see how much under the limit it still pulls, that would save you a ton of money irl.
  2.  ~23.300km and 46 unloads in 7 days. Still have some room to do more.



  3. ^^That guy is racing, not driving a truck ... truck handling depends on your seat position in it, try changing that to see when the truck drives best for you. You don't need much of acceleration, since we are trying to drive trucks here, just don't use engines under 2.200Nm.
  4. Are you racing or driving a truck? The best accleration while keeping low consumption is at 2.200-2.300Nm, maybe 2500Nm, but there is probably 1l or 1.5l more fuel burned per 100km. This is the only answer you need if you are trucking, if you are racing, i won't help you there.
  5. Oi, i'm looking someone to drive with. You need to know that i play the game (almost) the way it's ment to be played, so simulation, driving a truck not a car. Contact me if you are interested.

    1. DerAmpelmann
    2. antrax737


      I need your cell phone number, your name, address, one personal document, to write down some numberz... all of this just to get in contact with you, since i havent see you on steam for about two weeks you nab! 😂🧐

  6. Hello and happy birthday. I hope you have a great day 🍻🎉



    1. antrax737


      Wowowo thank you so much dude! 😀

  7. ATS only auto, too lazy to learn to shift 18 gears, maybe one day. ETS2, manual for the last 2mil km, switching to auto right now, but no completely, my old trucks will always be manual, especially the ones with nearly 200k km (or more) on them.
  8. Dude, NO. Whenever i see a truck doing 110 or 100 on 2 lane road i want to hide, in my experince 8/10 guys cant drive at 90 on 2 lane road, i mean, quality driving. If it was up to me the speed limit would be 90. If u want trucking experince with reckless driving go instal GTA V, then instal a thing called FiveM and on the server list find transport tycoon, there are 9 servers, have fun. I did nearly 400 hours on it, in maybe 3 months last year.
  9. Using g27, dont buy new if u are happy with your current. I am approaching 6th year on G27, bought it when i started to play MP, probably sticking to it until the repair guys will say "there is nothing more we can do". I mean almost 6 years and works like new. Good thing with wheels is that u dont have to upgrade it like PC, therefore good investment.
  10. First of all, you are bringing this topic up almost a year too early at least when we talk about Iberia, Iberia is far far away and with France as abandoned as it is, the same could happen with Iberia, i dont really see a bright future there. Idaho, bring it on! Currently ATS is the better game in my opinion, basically the whole map has the same standard which is huge "+" gameplay wise, but the player base is what it is. I just enjoy seeing ATS overtaking ETS2, it's not there yet but it looks really promissing.
  11. And done! 4000 runs, over 2mil of km, average 570km per run. If nothing else i learned how to drive efficiently, my lowest consumption on a truck is just slightly above 30l/100km, with the new Man, but more realistically, i average probably somewhere between 31.5-32.5l, depends on roads.


    If anyone wonders if this is legit, i cant prove it, but it is as legit as it can be, with one difference, steam says that i've got 2728 hours on the game.



    Topic about this whole thing coming in a few days, it's pretty big achivement in my opinion.

  12. 4000th run in progress


  13. antrax737

    Thank you all

    Guys feel free to close the topic.
  14. Only 0.2% of players?! 🧐🤔 GG me! 😂


  15. antrax737

    Thank you all

    Burried him today, it felt and still feels unreal, he left 4 brothers and 2 sisters behind.
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