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  1. Sunday drive.










  2. Why is ATS update taking so long? Hope you arent going to wait for 1.37 ETS to get out of beta... 😟

  3. Does anyone know if Sarantos R999 Scania has actually tuned engine? I highly doubt but it would be the hella cool.

  4. Usually i dont attempt to overtake on 2 lane roads, unless the other player is doing 60kmh on an open road but even then the road layout in ETS2 and ATS does not really allow a safe overtake on 2 lane road, so stay behind and drive safe is usually the best option.
  5. At this point i basically have slicks on my trailer 😎😜


    1. DerAmpelmann


      I would pull you over if I still had the right to.

    2. antrax737


      Feel free to, im at 100% slicks now xD

  6. Just realised... my gtx 1060 8gb is 2 years old and newer games require more than that... time for upgrade... again... need to upgrade cpu too... 1000€ right there... this whole gaming thing is expensive 🤢

    1. Positivetrucking168


      I am also a budget gamer with a GTX 1050, and so I am slowly entering the world of 900p gaming on newer titles as those get more graphically demanding over time. 

      Given that I can't really afford an upgrade either, I can understand you there as well.  

    2. antrax737


      Exactly, 6 years ago i bought gtx 650 and i had it for 4 years and i could play anything during that time, now 2 years old 1060 got outdated in 2019, so actually 1yo, it is true that this was the year when 2000 series came out, but still... i'd expect 500€ gpu to resist the time a bit better...

  7. My favourite composition in ATS at the moment. Drove a bit around Washington today, right now heading to Redding, CA, unloading there tomorrow.





    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Nice picture,Good job!:love:

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photos 🥰:wub: I see a really nice yellow car in the background of the last photo :love:

    3. antrax737


      Well ya, i got a feeling that he was following me... i've seen it multiple times yesterday :P

  8. Suggestion name: 90km/h speed limit Why should it be added: I just rage quitted after being rammed for probably 5 or 6th time this week (twice today), by a truck without a trailer on a motorway, while i was minding my own business driving 90km/h, this guy comes at 110km/h and clearly rammes me on purpose. Literally every single day of the week the exactly the same scenario and i'm sick of it. Now some will say, record and report. Dude, i find it enough if they ruin my gaming experience, i dont need them to make me wait all week for them to get banned, then it ruins my experince overall, not just gameplay. Speed limit 90km/h would reduce overtaking, reports, toxicity etc. to minimum, we would probably get rid of some of those racers too, make them buy actual racing game and bring back some people who left because of them. I don't remember ever doing anything bad to anyone who drives fast, what i do remember is the ones who drive fast ruining experince for the simulation players for literally, years. Suggestion description: not needed really, it's clear what i mean, in fact NFS guys probably started to rage when they saw the title. All in all, stop racing and start driving trucks. Example: well real life trucking and guys who already do that in game. This will probably get rejected but i hope it will be a small contribution in helping to start moving things in this direction. My english is what it is and it gets a bit woiorse after rage quitting, so yea... EDITED Also i realize this suggestion doesnt strickly follow the format, but i think that it does contain all the needed info. EDITED The fast guys, before you comment, what have we, simulation players, done to you that allows you to crash us as often as it happens? What law in this world allows you to use two lanes to drive "normally"? Two lanes, not one, i cant even drive in my lane because most of you cant keep it between the lines, some of you dont even know what mirrors are used for.
  9. Anyone for a drive? 100% simulation... send me a message.

  10. 1.37 beta for ATS is out!!! Some pretty cool stuff added!

  11. @k1v3n You need to play the game some more, that edge of the green zone is bothering me a lot. Automatic transmission in trucks in real life tries to shift as quick as possible, the aim is to drive in the highest gear for the speed at which u are at and when decelerating it tries to stay in the highest gear possible for the speed, that way you go thru gears quicker when accelerating, burn less fuel and put less strain on the engine. If possible 1300-1400rpm is the sweet spot, you'll never drop under 1000rpm, accelerating uphill is different story, just dont stall then. Plus up to 40kmh, trucks work just fine at 900rpm, so up to 40kmh, feel free to change at 1200rpm. I have a Man TGX 480 and i have consumption of 30.1l/100km on it, the rest of my trucks are at 32-34l/100km, so there is something to learn from me. Anyway, you can probably be considered as an above average simulation driver if you stick to the green, all i really wanted to say 1500 is kind of a limit on a normal road and if possible it is good to figure out the engine and see how much under the limit it still pulls, that would save you a ton of money irl.
  12.  ~23.300km and 46 unloads in 7 days. Still have some room to do more.



  13. ^^That guy is racing, not driving a truck ... truck handling depends on your seat position in it, try changing that to see when the truck drives best for you. You don't need much of acceleration, since we are trying to drive trucks here, just don't use engines under 2.200Nm.
  14. Are you racing or driving a truck? The best accleration while keeping low consumption is at 2.200-2.300Nm, maybe 2500Nm, but there is probably 1l or 1.5l more fuel burned per 100km. This is the only answer you need if you are trucking, if you are racing, i won't help you there.
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