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  1. Happy birthday, mate! Don't consume too much the you know what. 🍻 💚

  2. Ok I'm mind blown by 1.40, it's drop dead gorgeous, the game feels 1000x more realistic, just try it out, it's awesome.

    1. DerAmpelmann


      Just don't drive a Volvo. :kappa:

      Although they'll probably fix the bug soon enough.

    2. antrax737


      What bug? I'm sticking to The Man right now but still, what bug?

  3. Ok, so who's idea was to have two servers with 4000+ slots? As things stand right now with both games, maps are getting bigger and the bigger the maps get the emptier they get and having 2000 players on each server doesn't help it one bit. This will probably screw up Iberia release aswell, for a week everybody will be there, after a week everybody will run back to Germany and with servers not filling up... Starting to repeat myself here, 2 big servers= 2 half empty servers.


    The only good reason to do that in my opinion would be if the AI in MP is just behind the corner or you expect a lot more people playing after release of Iberia...


    I tried searching the forum for a topic explaining this decision, I couldn't find anything. So does anyone know more than I do?

    1. DerAmpelmann


      The players are going from Sim 1 to Sim 2 due to issues on Sim 1. Normally Sim 1 would be the server with the most players at above 2,000 players nearly around the clock.


      Here's a 3-month comparison of the two biggest ETS2 servers.





      Here's previous 7 days.




      As you can see especially on 2nd of February, Sim 1 player count took a dive due to issues and players joined to Sim 2. As Sim 1 recovered, more players connected to it and the servers were equally full momentarily which is probably when you saw the server stats.


      [Source: https://stats.truckersmp.com]

    2. antrax737


      Ah i see, that green flat line is interesting.

      You are probably right on the last statement, so Sim 1 is the place to be, thank you for the explanation :)

    3. DerAmpelmann


      No problem :mlg_doge:

  4. Just drove Man after a really long time, man that truck feels nice on the road!! The only truck close to it are all Scanias, period.

    1. DerAmpelmann
    2. antrax737


      @DerAmpelmannDaf feels weird to me lately, 90km/h feels like 150, maybe it is just me, but 90 in Scania and Man feels slow, which is good, realistic. Merc gets close to that aswell. I like Daf a lot, but it just doesnt feel right to me. :P

  5. Didn't and wont vote, next rebuild should be Swiss, Austria, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia and Poland, the main reason, 2 Dlc are relying on these contries to bring trucks, actually 3, Italy aswell, 4 awesome parts of the map out of which 3 are DLCs are connected with outdated roads. 4th is Germany ofcourse. UK is a blob which connects nothing to nothing, while these contries are in a way in the middle of everything, even more now as Germany full rework is coming in 1.40 afaik. That's what makes ATS far supperior to ETS, good connections, while in ETS you have a few great map expansions which are connected with, well, a huge blob of below the standard roads. UK rework is going to be useless for me unless i'm able to get to Ireland or Iceland. I hope i make sense.
  6. The second one I really hope is Montana...
  7. I remember understeer, it was pai in the ass but kinda fun at the same time. While I agree with you on the weights, I am still pretty sure things are heavier now than they used to be. I'm joining the Colorado party today aswell, have fun mate, it was nice to chat with you.
  8. Yea I did do heavy with Man and Mercedes 3000Nm of torque too, still felt like flying and I didnt want to go close to Scania or Volvo, all 6x4, 8x4 was an overkill. The thing is (i think) previously SCS didnt count in the trailer weight, so concrete beams weight 50tons and that was it, now there is the trailer weight aswell. Now we are talking 40 seconds, most likely even more to 80km/h with 730 Scania, this is in Italy, I am afraid to go to some parts of Germany. I had a plan to use my 600hp Volvo with 4 axle trailer, yea right, the worst pulling truck for that situation and I have multiple J-spec trucks, 420hp Volvo, 410hp Scania, and 450hp Merc and Daf so I dont mind "slow" but 600hp on 4 axles flatbed, never again, feels like 320hp Iveco. Umm, sometimes I skip on suggestions and this one seems to be one of the kind worth skipping, I like my ears too much xD
  9. Playing singleplayer 1.39, I dont know why, i got used to AI (about time) and I enjoy it almost as much as MP... @Granite That Scania 580 6x4 wont be enough for 4 axle lowbed, the trailer itself weights 30 tons, add the cargo, lets say 50, plus truck around 9, you are at 89 tons. Just to comapre, Scania 730 with 39 tons, accelerates slower than Mercedes 450 with 24 tons, you can really see 730hp struggle... I do have Streamline 560 and it is just fine for 3 axle flatbed, the trailer weights 18 tons and you can feel it, plus you cant transport the heaviest stuff with it so it works out just fine. I didnt know about turbo sound volume slider, thank you for mentioning that
  10. First of all Ford was never a truck and never will be. Second, i think Iveco S way could be close, way closer than MB MP5, but im not looking forward to drive any of these trucks. So yea i dont know, waiting for something new in ATS or maybe MAN tunning pack. I wouldnt mind SCS going all in on reworking the map.
  11. I am pushing for 1.39 because i got new trailers and some jobs and km on them and i dont want to go back to 1.38 at this point and yea i had to test beta, mostly because new trailers, so going back is not an option but at this point i cant go forward in mp because there is no mp for me at the moment, that's why the pushing, plus maybe cuz of the map expansions, they bring more players to one part of the map which makes the game more fun for a while. Now the timing is really bad again and people will skip Colorado and go to Iberia instead, which is awesome for ETS but really bad for ATS, the same happened last year.
  12. First impressions on Colorado? I haven't bught it yet adn I will most likely buy Iberia first, but I'd like to know if i'm missing out on anything.

  13. Did anybody watch their last stream, how does the DLC play, the roads and everything? I'd watch I just cant stand Nemiro driving
  14. @sgpch1983 I dont blame TMP because SCS could care more about this community and maybe help mwl4 sometimes, or like you said their own multiplayer... 8 years in, official mp seems like something if it would come i'm not even sure what i'd do with it, years ago i'd talk about it all the time "Pavel said that and this and that about their own mp..." now I just dont wish for anything and i just like or dislike what comes to the game and at this point, i dont even know anymore if i need/want official MP... it didnt happen in 8 years and I would almost bet Pavel spoke a little bit of it for the last 5 at least, so even if it comes it will have to be a f-ing blast and a huge change compared to what we have now to fill up the servers... we have 4000 slot server here, if SCS doesnt go at least 6000 im staying on TMP and even 6000 doesnt mean much for the current size of ETS map... at the end official MP is a can of worms, because it would have to go thru the same things TMP did, trolls, noobs, bans, kicks etc. etc., all of this 8 years in, the longer they wait the worse it could be... sorry I got bit carried away, otherways i do agree with you, it would be way better for updates and players. I know for myself, if TMP wouldnt be here, I wouldnt be playing SCS games for so many years. I'd stop probably, 6 years ago. You mean patience, tea and cookies right? Regards.
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