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  1. antrax737

    Trailer Stability resetting itself

    I used to have it at 0, i think that was back at 1.32 or 1.31, now we all are having the same problem, which is somehow multiplayer related
  2. antrax737

    What's your dream car?

    Almost on the same page as Fernando, for me what i'd want and need is something like Mazda 6 or Renault Laguna, absolute dream car would be some kind of Lexus or Mercedes. If i'd have to pick something useful i'd go with Ford Ranger pickup or maybe Chevy, with useful i mean that i would use the car/truck to transport some tools with it to some place...
  3. Like others said, EA didnt make a good NFS since Carbon or Most Wanted so here we have those players who... i dont really know actually... Just be yourself, drive the way it feels ok to you, I am in the speedlimit club too and I do a lot of East, Italy and central Europe runs so you are not alone
  4. Between 500 and 1000km that is 30 minutes up to hour and a half. But if there is something new in any beta then it gets up to 7000km per day. Depends, but average 50 minutes per day.
  5. antrax737

    Future of ETS.

    A change to core gameplay would be nice. All they do is DLCs, a lot of them, the gameplay is what 5 or 6 years old? Economy needs overhaul and WOTR needs to be core of it.
  6. antrax737

    New volvo package

    Mhh, since they changed mirrors and you cant see trailer behind you when driving straight and this only with Volvo, I would prefer Man tuning pack. I just cant swallow not seeing my trailer all the time, I love Volvo, used to drive it the hell a lot but right now it's broken for me, so i really hope it will be Man tuning pack.
  7. Third day of the DLC, once you figure out the roads it's just really good DLC

    1. DerAmpelmann


      Day 4: The roads have claimed me. I can no longer find the way out. I'll be circling the jungle called Beyond the Baltic Sea forever. Send help! Send he—

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I have yet to explore the new dlc :wacko:

    3. antrax737


      @DerAmpelmann i can totally see this happening

      @Killua // Ireland ^_^ go go go :D

  8. antrax737

    Opinion on update 1.33

    Nothing new to my driving style, the same game as it was back at 1.20, my trailer stability is at 0 and i have no idea what people are really talking about when it comes to physics in 1.33
  9. antrax737

    Which Truck Should Come In 2019?

    Dude i swear if i'll read "ford truck" once more im going to punch something, how is that even a truck, a few Slovenian transport companies made a poll for their drivers, Renault or Ford, it was 98% for Renault. You can guess that the 2% were most likely joking... the polls were posted on fb
  10. antrax737

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    ^^ I can see them doing the same with Balkans, just the layout of the cities and everything is i think close to what you have up north, Slovenia has some motorways its actually a cross, italy-hungary and austria-croatia the rest of the countries dont really have good motorway connection and the cities are what they are. It's going to be the same, Spain and Portugal will be awesome tho!
  11. antrax737

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    The only thing i dont like about dlc is stop and go all the time, roundabouts, crossroads, speedlimits changing all the time, with 450hp you cant even accelerate up to speedlimit before you have to brake again... i guess i wont follow the speedlimits much
  12. @DerAmpelmann

    Have you ordered 18 tons of fresh fish from Russia, you having a party aren't you? :D 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. antrax737


      It was urgent job, now you fished your own fish, they declined the cargo, now i'm taking it back to Russia... someone is being trolled here, pretty sure it isn't me... i'm still getting paid :D

    3. DerAmpelmann


      Those better be canned or someone is going to dump a lot of fish into landfill.

    4. antrax737


      They've been in my reefer for around 24hours now, so they are still fresh for this world standards :D Delivered them to Liepaja a few hours ago

  13. Heading to St. Petersburg, from Vilnius :D


  14. Waiiiiiiiting... :mellow:


    Hell i was expecting it sooner, their twitter say 19.00 CET :mellow: