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  1. honestly thought about applying for game mod buyt thats gonna have to wait till next april or time after then xD

  2. i like being a 3 year veteran because now im actually worth something :P

  3. Jeez i havent been here in a while


  4. Happy Birthday

  5. Congrats On The Position

  6. I hate how scs does this release eurotruck simulator 2


    Oh we release this game and then make people pay for the rest of the map we make bare dollar init


    we release this game with 2 states and then we add another one 3 and then were gonna make them pay for the other damm 47

  7. did u open the load in sp then change to mp If so this is your issue the time in mp is out of sync with sp this is why it says it was late
  8. Congrats to all people who made the team this year you have deserved it

  9. Congratulations On Trial Admin

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