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  1. Prototype

    I can't disable 2fa from my TMP account

    Since the user made a ticket to our support system we will continue the support from there. Moved to solved.
  2. Prototype

    Message for hack ?

    You don't need to report the user, because the user is not actually aware he got hacked. He didn't sent the message on purpose as a owner but actually it was sent by a bot.
  3. Prototype

    My answer is hidden

    You can also see it under each topic here
  4. Thank you for following <3 

  5. A great convoy with friends on weekend to forget a little bit real life problems. Thank you for the invite and for attending. @Andreea RO @RequieB @[VIVA] Kehox and the rest which i don't remember your nicknames.:lol:



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    2. Soryn Official

      Soryn Official

      I'm not with you at the picture :( :( :P 

    3. Prototype


      I know....too bad you couldn't make it. You better come next time!

    4. Soryn Official

      Soryn Official

      I will try to get to :P 

  6. Wow are the follower with number 69 @Prototype :P 

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    2. Prototype




      What were you saying about 69? :troll:

    3. Soryn Official

      Soryn Official

      @Prototype 77 Followers no 69 :P 




      App: The problem is that it does not show the hidden ones that look like that :P:D 

    4. Prototype


      Photoshop. :P

  7. @Andreea RO Just daily walk.



  8. Prototype

    TruckersMP Keybinds

    ` Opens console, 0 opens developer camera (free cam).
  9. Prototype

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

  10. Prototype

    best cpu

    Neither is ideal for gaming. But if you really had to choose between the two i'd go for Intel.
  11. Prototype

    TruckersMP - Languages supported by the Support Team

    Updated: Removed @WentworthHFD because he got removed from the team.
  12. Prototype

    Trailer Bug Kickd for no reason

    After the latest update there were some problems with some of the trailers (Locomotive and Crawl Dozer). They will be added again soon.
  13. Prototype

    TruckersMP - Languages supported by the Support Team

    Updated: Removed @chevytime because he left from the support team.
  14. Prototype

    Winter Mod

    Thank you for using TruckersMP forums. Moved to solved.