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  1.  evening how is everyone

    1. twitch.tv/mr_d4nny


      I am good how are you?


    2. TheSilentTrucker


      i am good just very tired


  2. good evening TMP forum how is everyone

  3. Happy Birthday my dear :)

  4. dont play on eu2 as thats wherre most trolls are
  5. Evening tmp how is everyone today

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Well. Thank you and Have a good time on forum :)

  6. on the behalf of the RLE team i would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who turned up today

  7. dont be silly thats all i am going to say lol
  8. may i just say this is a truck game not a car game go play a game like car city drving or whatever it is called, the car was added back in 2016 if that so they prop wont do anything else to it
  9. ets2 sync is a really goo one when i was in trucking united we used it all the time and it never failed
  10. Suggestion Name: ghost mode for laggers Suggestion Description: if someone is lagging really bad they kind of go ghost mode for the person in front so if they lag back they wont hit the person behind or in front of them Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?: the reason why i think this should be added is because i can find it annoying when i am driving and someone speeding and lagging really bad drives pasts me and hits me because of their lag , it the same when i am in convoys and nd the person in front is lagging it can be really annoying to have to stop and start because the guy in front is lagging heavy. it doesnt have to be ghost mode to such , but it could be something where it doesnt do any damager to either of you if you get lagged into
  11. i use playtv which does it self , without of having to open anything , which if you ask me is really helpful as i can forget to open things lie that at times and you dont have to alt tab or anything to start recording mid way though your game like
  12. i would also like to thank consec and atlas making my wekeend busy by hosting two amazing events hope to attend more in the future

  13. Evening TMP, how are you this fine evening

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    2. Carrera18


      I like cars more than trucks. I like the game. If the car make the game is SCS, I m played it more. 

    3. TheSilentTrucker


      play car city driving then as its a truck game not car game , i only use cars for convoy control stuff for rle


    4. Carrera18


      SCS nin games have big map. possess reality. there are no other games like this. I like to drive free. ^_^

  14. its normally like 7-9 pm when it starts on a working day
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